Zinging The Blues

The Canadiens played a solid game in St. Louis on Tuesday, whipping the home team 5-2, with the deal capped off by Carey Price setting a new team record with nine consecutive road wins.

A fine win against a fine team, showing that there’s absolutely no reason why the boys can’t beat any elite Western club when they reach the Stanley Cup Finals.

They also scored five times, something that hadn’t happened since nine games ago when they pasted New Jersey 6-2. It’s been seven times this season when they’ve scored five or more goals, which sounds sort of respectable but it’s not really.

Simply a fine effort by the road warriors, led by Galchenyuk and Gally each with a pair, plus a great goal from Michael Bournival after he stepped out of the penalty box and was sprung free with a dandy pass from Galchenyuk.

Galchenyuk had just returned to action after missing the last two games because of the flu, and thanks should probably go to me after I sent him my flu and cold-killing recipe that involves a precise mixture of Newfie Screetch and  several illegal lab drugs.

The win keeps the boys nicely perched on top looking down, and improves their February record to 7 wins and 4 losses, although they got points in a couple of overtime and shootout losses.

Now it’s on to Columbus for a Thursday night close encounter with the Blue Jackets. It’d be nice if they can score a bunch like they did on this night. Hey, they even buried one on the power play!

Feelin’ good about this win in St. Louis. So good in fact, that I’ve started my playoff beard.

17 thoughts on “Zinging The Blues”

  1. Dennis, this was a solid road victory against a top team.

    My heart is soaring like a short-billed dowitcher

  2. One last effort at beating a dead horse— I DON”T want a goon on our team– but I’m fed up with our forcheck barely cracking eggs in their jersey pockets. Wanna see other guys on their arse also–not just our guys. And yes, gonna miss Sekac in 1/2 flight mode–let alone full flight up-ice mode.
    P.S. I’ll keep a spoon handy to be willing/able to eat my comments if need be.
    P.P.S. If Thornbush was behind this trade for personal reasons I,m disappointed in the move.
    Didn’t see the game but when the birds are soaring,,, hints at some good ‘ole Danny Gallivan’s “gingerly”, “tintilizing” Habs games.

  3. The Maddening Montreal Canadiens again play to the level of their competition and triumph! Our heroes starting open up the gap on the overly slick Tampa team.

    Last night showed why the trade will be a winner for Montreal. We got pounded, especially by Backes and Reeves. De la Rose, Gally led the charge of Hab youth, but we really need muscle that can forecheck.

    I think Bergevin made a great move . We have quality young players that be traded for quality in return. Columbus tried to run the Canadiens off the road Saturday. I think that tune will change a bit Thursday. But what I’m really looking forward to…

    Watching DSP pound Honey Clarkson into a chiclet missing pulp in the corners…

  4. Dennis, I hope the Habs go all the way and you end up looking like a member of ZZ Top by the time they win the big prize!

  5. Great to see Chucky & GALLY take the pressure off Patches to always score! Mike M is spot on about DLR and having someone with the drive and fortitude of Gally but with size and attitude is a win-win. @Danno, Dk’s beard won’t be quite that long as the CUP returns sooner than later! 🙂

  6. I want a tad tougher too, Peter. That’s why I’m not ready to say the trade was good or bad. If Smith-Pelly adds some grit, I’ll be happy. But I think Sekac is going to have a long and fine career.

  7. We need muscle for sure, Mike. Good point about Backes and Reeves. We need push back in cases like this and it can’t always be Prust. I’m hoping so much that Smith-Pelly is exactly what Bergevin said – he fills a need. We’ll see. Sometimes I tend to get overly excited at new recruits and I’m kind of hesitant now.

  8. I agree too, Marjo. The playoffs is a long and winding road, and a team has to be tough to get through it. Talented and tough. I sort of trust Bergevin on this one. He knows what he’s doing.

  9. I like the sekac trade. Im sure he’s not hapy after having half a dozen suitors. He chose the habs afterall. But I hand it to Bergevin to get someone drafted higher than Subban. I think they got sekac with the intention of trading him. He knew he could get something for him. Sad to see him go as he has so many tools. But I like the size and skills from Smith-Pelly. Hardnosed which is something we are lacking. He’ll give our guys more courage. He’s one piece. We need one or two more but Im confident we’re a contender. With Price, we have one position the other teams don’t have.

  10. Hi Mayo. I like the fact that Smith-Pelly is about 45 pounds heavier than Sekac. I just thought Sekac could become a future star, but all in all, I trust the GM. Interesting what you say about them getting Sekac with the intention of trading him. Who knows. Maybe that’s what it was.

  11. Hi Dennis, I hope ure stuff was working itself out, buddy. Cheering for u. I’m just guessing about trading sekac. To me it felt like a lottery win and didn’t cost us anything. I dread he will become a future star. Very interesting. Will be an exciting week. I’ll bet we get vermette? But bergevin will again surprise us.

  12. I think the Habs and the Oilers still are partners in a blockbuster (really a Dane-buster)… five-for-two. We get Nail and Petry.

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