10 thoughts on “Zig-Zagging”

  1. Most people wouldn’t know what to do with the dispenser.

    I only know one person who would roll his own. Smokers frequently bum smokes off each other. When my friend was asked, rarely would anyone accept his. They didn’t know what to do and even when he offered to roll it for them they were worried what it might contain. Those that accepted probably had raised hopes.

  2. That’s a beautiful item to have. I’m sure Gomez might have one and that explains why he’s laughing behind the bench all the time?

    Thankfully I just buy my smokes and don’t roll them. I went through a period where I tried to use a machine but that didn’t work out too well. I kept getting smokes that were either understuffed or overstuffed, I’d split the tubes, I’d warp the tube trying to get it on the machine, etc. It’d take me forever to get a few smokes made so I just said to hell with it, I’ll just buy the damn things.

  3. @Dennis and Darth:

    Last year was filled with Zigs and Zags. But Marc Bergevin could start this season off on a high note by kicking Scotty out of the joint and smoking his overstuffed contract.

  4. Danno, Scotty needs to smoke a joint and laugh more. It seems he only laughs on the ice and all the way to the bank. He needs more laughs. Maybe Anchorage has a good comedy club he can hang out at.

  5. Darth, I used to be a smoker but haven’t in years. Growing up, everyone smoked – in the car, in the house, everywhere. Things have changed considerably.

  6. Dennis, my mom tells me stories about smoking in hospitals and smoking in daycares! Amazing! Ah the good ol’ days.

    I wish I was an ex-smoker. I’m a big dummy for even starting it.

    Danno – that’s an illegal use of puns. Two minutes in the box. Away you go. 🙂

  7. Darth, I can remember visitng a friend in the hospital when I was in grade eight, and we’d smoke at his bedside.

  8. The best is smoking on an airplane, in the smoking section of course which was divided from the non-smoking section by an invisible line. You would have loved it Darth.

  9. The smoking section on airplanes was like having a peeing and non-peeing section in swimming pools.

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