Zero Points Somehow Just Isn’t Good Enough

Kyle Chipchura has been traded to the Anaheim Ducks for a 4th round draft pick in 2011.

I say the Canadiens won this deal. The fourth-rounder, whoever he may be, already has just as many points as Chipchura had over 19 games. And that’s zero. Chipchura, getting more ice time than he probably deserved, tallied no goals and no assists this year with the Habs, which, if I can say this politely and diplomatically, was quite pathetic. He did very little to help a team struggling with offence.

Chipchura was one of those guys in junior who was targeted to become a valuable player on any team he might join. He was spoken of in the same breath as Philadelphia’s Mike Richards, and was said to be future captain material like Richards. The only difference was, when both reached the show, Richards did what everyone thought he’d do – become a precious commodity, and Chipchura did the opposite. He underachieved, had hands of stone, and the captaincy wasn’t on anybody’s lips. He pretty well surprised everyone in the organization with his mediocrity.

The cleansing continues. And if there’s a lesson here, it’s this: If you want to become a half-decent player with Bob Gainey’s team, you have to at least get a point here and there. It’s not asking too much, is it?

11 thoughts on “Zero Points Somehow Just Isn’t Good Enough”

  1. 5 years of development, over $1M in salary and we exchange a #18 pick for a pick over #100. It doesn’t seem fair. Although I would have liked more in exchange, I think this trade is fair. Chipchura had potential, but never showed any indication of living up to it. He made Latendresse look like an all-star. The San Antonio Rampage (Anaheim’s AHL team) got themselves a good player.

  2. Ducks don’t have an AHL team (since the Chops got suspended), they’re doing like the Stars did last year so if he goes down, he could potentially come back to the Bulldogs D: If they send him to the AHL though he needs to pass waivers. Hey, I don’t think anyone would trade Corey Perry for Chipchura unless they were very drunk.

    Unfortunately for Chipper the NHL skated by him… Or Pyatt did. Good character guy, was a great captain for the Bulldogs. Hopefully the Ducks find something for him.

  3. So much for using wikipedia and trying to show off.

    A 4th rounder is good value for Chipchura. I was just unrealistically hoping for a desperate and slightly incompetent/impaired GM to give up a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

    He was good for Hamilton, no so much for Montreal.

  4. I thought at times he looked good this year… for a few games.

    But really, how long can you wait on your prospects?

    He has hockey smarts… he has (or had??) leadership skills… they were on display in Hamilton…

    But it just seems like he’s another prospect gone astray…. some people have blamed Timmins for picking some of these players who haven’t lived up to the billing…

    I on the other hand think it’s likely player development… and possibly “the billing” itself.

    We could go through every year’s draft and find “those players” who are said to have the qualities Chipchura was said to have…. and find several of them haven’t lived up to their billing….

    And of course we’d find a bunch of players who weren’t on the radar…. and we’d say “well, he (Timmins) could have picked player X”….

    The draft is a gambler’s game.

    I think your right Dennis.

    At this stage of the game, our 4th round pick is as productive as chipchura… actually has a better +/- rating.

    Didn’t help Kyle’s case that Tom Pyatt and Ryan White came out of nowhere to compete for roster spots…. good for us though.

  5. Hi Yves. Maybe it’s just another example of players with so much upside coming out of junior and never really doing it in the bigs. There’s a 1000 examples of this. But it’s hard to say. Was he used wrong? Maybe another year or two in the minors? All I know is, he had zero points, and that’s enough for me to say goodbye and try somebody else. You’re really right when you say others kind of took his spot away. But really, he didn’t deserve to have a spot at all this year.

  6. .: The trade was inevitable, but I find it quite depressing. I *really* liked Chipchura – he just seemed like a decent guy, the hardest worker and a total team player, but he couldn’t move it up a notch when he had to do it. So the inevitable happened. I’m so disappointed and saddened by what has happened to the team in the past 12 months – this latest trade just makes me sad, plain and simple. Maybe it’s because it represents everything that’s gone wrong so far.

    A fourth round pick? Seriously this is all Bo G could get for Kyle? It’s another throwaway, a toss-off at best. I’m now waiting for AK46 and SK74 and Minimum Lapierre to follow suit shortly.

    The team is unrecognizable at this point. Bo’s decisions to sign slow, lumbering players like Hal Gill are a mystery to me. We’ve seen Gregory Stewart, Pyatt, White, etc., make a tiny splash, but they too have not scored. At what point in time do we get a call-up that can actually put the puck in the net? Will D’Agostini find his form from last year? Will Gomez actually wake up and play to his potential?

    I’ll stick with my team, but my faith in BG is at an all time low. I know one can never plan for injuries, and perhaps things would be different for everyone if Markov and Gionta were healthy. Consider what the power play might have looked like with a healthy Markov, and how that might have impacted Latendresse and Chipchura. We’ll never know now.

    Good luck, Kyle.

  7. Randy, thanks for such an insightful comment. I’m very much with you, but I’ve said often that I trust Bob Gainey. And the injuries are for sure the biggest problem. One guy you mentioned, Gregory Stewart, came out, beginning in training game, with lacklustre and uninspired play, and he basically played himself off the roster. He was supposed to be a guy with an edge, a fighter, a disturber, but he played like he was at Woodstock. And yes, a 4th rounder for Chipchura isn’t great, but what team would offer more for a guy with no goals and no assists? Chipchura should’ve been crashing the net, bowling over the goalie, causing fits for the enemy, and Latendresse should’ve been doing the same. The fans demand a good team and it’s difficult to show patience with these guys when they will or will not produce. I think Gainey’s going to get an ulcer if he already doesn’t have one.

  8. Randy, it took me about eight hours to finally clue in to the “Kyle” mention at the end. I’m so brain dead.

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