Zach’s Dad Almost Ended Up In The Gulag

It was game eight of the 1972 Canada-Russia Summit Series, and the Canadians were having trouble understanding some of the actions of the on-ice officials, Rudy Bata and Josef Kompalla. There had been referee problems since they had played the Swedes in Stockholm before the Moscow games, and now, JP Parise had no idea why Kompalla had called him for an interference penalty. Parise slammed his stick on the ice and was promptly given a misconduct. The next thing you know, Parise is charging Kompalla with his stick poised to chop the frightened ref’s head off. Kompalla braced himself, put his hands up, and Parise stopped short, thereby not providing us with possibly the most gruesome act ever in hockey. 

Now, JP Parise’s son is a huge star in the NHL with the New Jersey Devils, and is the one guy on the US Olympic squad the Canadians must be very careful with. (For scoring, not beheading).

5 thoughts on “Zach’s Dad Almost Ended Up In The Gulag”

  1. Hey Dennis,Just goes to show what good blood lines will do for you eh?Why isn’t Zach playing for Canada?I dont think he would make the team myself,we have more talented guys on team Canada.Zach is a very good hockey player ,thats a given,just not the same calibre as our guys.

  2. Hey Dennis,Well I know he has scored a few goals,I know his dad was good enough to play for team Canada,I know that Canada will win gold tommorow(I have to watch the game in Prince George as I fly out after the game)I know Zach Parise will win silver.No discussion needed.

  3. Zack Parise would make team canada in a heart beat. Hes one of the top 10 players in the NHL. 45 goals and 94 points last year speaks for the player he is. Hes also on pace for another 80+ point season this year.

  4. Dennis, watching the American team shows an area where Canada needs to improve. We need more of our top players to play their careers, make their home and raise their family here in Canada. A quarter of the American team are second generation players. We can’t be exporting all of our best hockey genes.

    How glorious would it be to have a couple of these players in Montreal.

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