6 thoughts on “Yvan Cournoyer Swings A Club In Myrtle Beach”

  1. Hey Dennis, I always like Yvan Cournoyer, he was always smiling on the ice and the bench. He hasn’t lost that grin that he has used to flashed the fans. Good on him, great video, great intereview, keep them coming.

  2. Dennis,

    Yvan Cournoyer aka “The RoadRunner” has always been a class act on and off the ice! I wish he had never retired. Wouldn’t it be nice to have his talent on the current Habs roster!

    Great video of him!

    Thank you and best regards,

  3. Thanks John. Cournoyer’s gotta be considered as one of the best Habs ever. And he was one of the best for Team Canada in 1972. What a great skater, with a big shot. Also a clean player. And he played for Toe Blake which is a big deal for me.

  4. Derry, yeah, Roadrunner’s looking great. A great player , that’s for sure. It was his dream as a kid to play for the Canadiens and he achieved his dream.

  5. Right on Christopher!! DK, great to see the Roadrunner but my greatest joy was to listen once again to the one & only Danny Gallivan do the play by play of the 7th game overtime game against Boston! It seemed like I went back in time & it was just happening, I jump out of my chair yelling he scored. Thanks for the memories!
    One of “THE BOYS” from the East.

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