You’re Joking, Right Jack Todd?

This from Jack Todd at the Montreal Gazette:

“When a fan refers to the Canadiens and he uses the word “we,” as in “we’re going to make the playoffs this year,” well – he loses me right there. “We” applies to the guys on the roster. If your claim to fame is that you watch a whole lot of hockey on TV, you’re not part of that “we.” If you’re still in doubt, check your pay slip. If you’re making less than a half-million a year and the cheque does not come from the Montreal Canadiens, you’re not a “we.” Thank you.”
Well, fuddle duddle you, Jack Todd.
We as fans have invested years of heart and passion and concern and joy and ticket dollars and souvenirs in this team. “We” are the Montreal Canadiens too. And it’s certainly not going to take some hack like you who went to J school and was lucky enough to get a gig at the Gazette to tell me and every other Habs fan that we can’t say “we.”

And by the way, we’re going to make the playoffs this year.

22 thoughts on “You’re Joking, Right Jack Todd?”

  1. This comes not soon after Todd writes a very optimistic article about the Canadiens and how they were turning around this season, how often does he mix up his medication?

  2. A team and mangement is lifted up and supported by its fans. So “we” is the correct term. We’re insulted! (How’s that Dennis for bonding with the new team?!)

  3. DK, I authorize you to foreward this post to the editor of the Montreal Gazette!
    This sport writer( and I use the term loosly ) should be relagated to commenting on the up-coming Garden show, but not sports!
    Who is this jerk (not Red Fisher for sure ). If not for the Les Canadien fans across this country the team would not exist, paying for tickets, paying extra for TV viewing, buying team sweaters etc., they could not pay the players & no I do not receive a pay chequec from Les Canadien but without us (we ) there would be no team! This jerk does not grasp the hold Les Canadiens have on their fans I being one for over 50 years.
    In many interviews with team management & players they have all at one time or another said “WE” are the 7th. player!! I was appalled when I read his none informed drivel

  4. Jack Todd is a Jack-ass and a toad. WE have invested so much time, money and passion in supporting this club that we have every right to refer to our Canadiens as “we”. We buy the Habs memorabilia, go to the games, spend hours and hours analysing and watching them on TV — EVEN WHEN THEY SUCK – and we cry and scream into our pillows when it all looks so damned hopeless. But WE never give up on our team. There is no us or them, it is we and always was and always will be.
    If Todd doesn’t get that than maybe he has a “wee” brain. What kind of pompous ass would even dare think he could poke a stick in the collective eye of all Habs fans and just walk away from it. We won’t stand for it. I’m mad as hell about this, and to hell with Todd I say.
    Appropriate and swift action must be taken against Todd for this outrage.
    I think Todd should be shipped out to Toronto and be given the job of writing about “them” Leafs. He is now officially booted out of Habsland as far as I’m concerned.
    Who needs him? We have Diane now.

  5. Jack Todd is a total jackass. I can’t get over the fact that the Gazette actually pays him to write that crap.

    Mr. Moey (who’s not a hockey fan) always asks, “how are WE doing, are WE winning.” It’s a sense of community and belonging to something. I was apalled when I read that this morning.

  6. i hear there’s an opening for a sportswriter, and i too use that term loosely, at pravda. WE think jack would be a perfect fit being full of shit and all.

  7. I think there’s an opening at the Gazette. The story I hear is Red Fisher went down to his cubicle, kicked the crap out Jack, chased him out of the building and told him never to come back.

  8. Oh man, is that fuck still around? Everyone’s favourite army deserter. Couldn’t write his way out of a damp toilet paper bag. What’s even more surprising is that, if he is still around, anyone bothers to read him, much less take him seriously.
    I swear to the flying spaghetti monster, Todd is a joke. He’s like the poor man’s Mike Milbury, except that Milbury has a better hockey mind (there are many layers to what I just wrote. Just think of Milbury as GM, and it makes it funnier).
    I swear, one day he thinks he’s Mickey Spillane, the next Mark Twain. I pity his editors who had to deal with his Monday morning QB articles, with their nonsensical diatribes and ridiculous onomatopeias.
    I think the perfect example of the twat that Jack Todd is the Malhokov “incident”: Now, Malhokov (sp?) was supposed to be our great saviour on defense. Tall, Russian, good looking, etc. Also, apparently, the one guy no one in their right man wanted to fight, because he fought angry. Of course, who would know? He had less heart than the one the docs pulled out of me some years back. Anyhow, Malhokov isn’t playing for weeks on end, because he has an “injured” knee. Didn’t stop him from going skiing. Someone sees him there, reports him, and Malhokov is pilloried. Everyone wants to ride him out on a rail but, ah, one night, Todd is in the dressing room, and Malhokov looks up with puppy-dog eyes and asks, pitingly, “why, Jack, people be mean to me?” (If you can find the article on the web, it’s almost exactly word for word.)
    Well, holy fuck, JT decided to champion M’s cause, so far as to personally hand-wash and tongue-dry his athletic cup.
    The lesson here: JT can be bought with just a few nice words, as long as you pay attention to him.

    Gawd, do I love to rant occasionally.

  9. Great rant, Michel. Loved it. Mickey Spillane, Mark Twain, Vlad Malakhov, Milbury. If you ever need to rant, and I hope you do, please do it on my site. Thanks man.

  10. Well when the name Jack Todd comes up, you’re talking about a guy whose actual knowledge of the sport of hockey is quite limited given his background. And you have to remember during the remaining years of the Expos, while lamanting over the demise of the team every single Monday column, he never attended any games at the Big O.

    And this is also the guy who keeps telling us that Sidney Crosby is way overated and will never measure up to Ovechin.

    Well Toddster….let’s see…. Crosby has won a gold medal in World Jouniors, A Stanley Cup and an olympic gold medal.

    What has Ovechin(as good as he is )has accomplished compared to Crosby in that regard?

  11. Gordon, great comments. I think Jack Todd underestimated Habs fans. A lot of angry people. You and others got it all out, off your chests, and hopefully this guy will think first before he makes such outlandish statements. Crosby overrated? Not a chance. Us not saying “we” when we talk about the Habs? Not a chance. Thanks for this Gordon.

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