You’re Damn Right It’s Impossible

From the Montreal Gazette

Habs Leave Montreal? “Impossible” Mayor Says

Montreal Mayor Gérald Tremblay says it doesn’t matter who owns the Canadiens so long as its remembered that the team is, in fact, the property of Montrealers.

“What’s important is that we be very vigilant about the discussions that are going on presently,” he said Monday, referring the news reports that the owner of the 100-year-old team has hired a firm to examine his financial options in Montreal, including the possibility of selling the Habs.

“The people that were asked by the Gillett Group to identify potential investors or to identify possible solutions for the Montreal Canadiens and the Bell Centre are people that are very conscious that Montreal is an important city and that the Montreal Canadiens are an institution.

“If we really want to continue to have this institution in Montreal, we have to put everything forward to make sure this happens as soon as possible.

“Instability does not help the team.”

Asked whether he thought it was possible the sale of the franchise might see the team leave Montreal, Tremblay replied, “It would be impossible because the fans will never let it happen and

3 thoughts on “You’re Damn Right It’s Impossible”

  1. Our mayor is an idiot, by the way.
    And if he really really cares he could give them a tax credit on the property taxes for the Bell Centre like they’ve been trying to get for years…

  2. I heard a few years ago that the Canadiens pay more property tax on the Bell Centre than all other teams combined. You’re right, the mayor’s an idiot.

  3. In fact, the Canadiens are the ONLY Canadian hockey team that has to pay property taxes. All other 5 teams have municipal AND provincial tax exemption.

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