Young Guys With Nice Suits And A Bright Future

Before I start I’d like to convey my deepest sympathies to Gary Bettman for having a cold right now. I feel terrible about this.

By trading their 27th and 57th pick to the Phoenix Coyotes for the 22nd and 113th picks, Montreal grabbed a big, physical 6’3 plus defenceman named Jarred Tinordi, son of former NHL’er Mark Tinordi who played most of his career in Minnesota and Washington. Young Jarred captained the US National Team Program and will play in Notre Dame this coming season.

A big strapping defenceman in the Habs future playing alongside PK Subban is a beautiful thing.

The young thoroughbreds were picked by their NHL teams today, and there’s not much I can say because if you really want to know all about these young hockey-playing perfect physical specimens with good hair and nice suits, you should talk to a scout or pay attention to what Bob McKenzie or Pierre McGuire says about them.

They know. I can tell you about the Beatles or the Rocket or old TV shows or driving a semi, but not so much about these juniors other than they obviously have good genes and have a harder shot than me. And if we’re comparing suits, forget it.

But a couple of things did stand out on this first of two evenings.

Florida, picking 3rd, chose big Erik Gudbranson, whose dad is a huge Habs fan and said he’d wear Eric’s NHL jersey over top of his Habs jersey because the only one that will touch his skin is a Montreal one.

Tampa Bay took Brett Connelly, and Connelly looked so intense chewing his gum that he seemed like he was ready to drop his gloves and pound TSN’s James Duthie.

Chosen 7th by Carolina was ex-figure skater Jeff Skinner whose parents are both lawyers, and he has sisters going to Cornell and Harvard and a couple of other siblings in university also. This isn’t Eddie Shack up there.

Minnesota picked Finish skater Mikhael Granlund and what stood out for me about this was seeing old Hab and notorious practical joker Guy Lapointe up there with the Wild group. Wouldn’t it have been great if Pointu pulled another practical joke, like changing the name on the jersey the kid puts on so it says ‘Lapointe’ instead.

Jaden Schwartz, chosen by the St. Louis Blues, has an older sister fighting cancer and the story was talked about, and Jaden said hi to her back home when he was interviewed. It’s gotta be tough for all concerned.

4 thoughts on “Young Guys With Nice Suits And A Bright Future”

  1. So was it a good trade? I think it was a bit steep giving up the 2nd rounder. I’d rather we gave up our 4th round pick instead with no 4th back or maybe throw in one of the lesser prospects. However in 3-4 years we’re going to have a very good defence corps. Markov will still be playing, Gorges, Subban and Tinordi. Imagine if O’Byrne picks up his game too.

    Why did NHL Central Scouting rate Jarred Tinordi as only the 38’th best skater from North America while everyone else has him much higher rated?

    22 – Montreal’s pick
    23 – CBC’s Jeff Marek
    20 – North American Central Scouting’s Mark Seidel
    20 – TSN’s Scott Cullen
    23 – TSN’s Bob McKenzie
    18 – TSN’s Pierre McGuire and Craig Button
    23 – Globe and Mail’s James Mirtle
    18 – The Hockey News

    Dennis do you or anyone else know why did we trade last year for the very last pick in the draft giving up our 6th round pick this year? Unless that one player was drafted by Pittsburgh, I believe he would have been an unrestricted free agent available to anyone.

  2. Chris, I can’t answer that (about the 6th pick) and I’d like to know. Maybe someone can fill us in.

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