You’ll Never Look At A Detroit Red Wing Octopus The Same Again.

Did you ever think that that very dead and very smelly octopus being thrown on the ice at Detroit Red Wing games just might have been a very lovely and interesting creature when it was alive swimming around in the ocean?
This five minute video is unbelievable, especially the last minute. It shows octopi like you’ve never imagined. Have a look at just how special these things are. Remember, the last minute is especially neat.


5 thoughts on “You’ll Never Look At A Detroit Red Wing Octopus The Same Again.”

  1. I didn’t find octopi particularly exciting before. But I wonder if that’s why the Dominator always dominates-by blending into his goal post? And does he turn white to ward off Ted Nolan from his wife?

  2. So thats what happened to Lawrance— I thought the Orca got him but it was disguised octipi !!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!

  3. Dom and Teddy fighting? I’m taking Teddys side.
    Thanks for posting that clip. That was amazing!
    It’s a jungle underwater!

  4. DK,

    We have always placed ourselves a the top of, well, everything. Our divine mandate has been to dominate (so Ted, accept the inevitable) and relegate, to exploit, plunder and pummel into submission less endowed species. Alas, like certain punky fanettes, many continue to resist our right to show them who’s who. The chief culprits are insects, reptiles and invertabrates. The first are simply obstreperous beyond belief – skeeters simply won’t go away; the second continue to chow down on us regardless of how many of them we turn into useful accessories – you’d think they’d learn,eh?; as for the third, well, they are simply smarter, sexier, more accomplished than us which makes tossing octopi onto the ice a helluva lot more obscene than anything having to do with sex or cussin’. Mind you,I do like the idea of throwing `something’ out there so here’s my suggestion: instead of octopi,toss giant bobbleheads of Lawrence in his Trevor Linden sweater and include a little string with a ring which can be pulled to have the dummy say: I wuv Twevor an’ I wuv Wynne/I even wuv Canucks bums who never win.

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