You Win This Time, Bettman. But I’ll Be Back

I find this so wrong. I picked up a paper during the night and saw with my own eyes, in clear black print, this: To buy an NHL team, you must put down 20 million in the beginning, and then prove to the league that you have a whole bunch of money other than that.

I’t’s unfair, unsavoury, and unconstitutional. This isn’t a communist country. I have almost  $100, which is a fine, respectable start, and I’ll simply pay bills when I get money from ticket and beer sales on game nights.

You see, I was planning on putting an offer in on the Montreal Canadiens. I know George Gillet wouldn’t mind selling it, and I’ve diligently accumulated all this money since I decided I’d like to own the Habs.

And not just $100. Hah. I’ve also got my house and car as collateral, plus my wife’s working. So I’m worth a lot of money.

Now I see the NHL has lost their marbles and wants proof of being as rich as say, Serge Savard.

Well, I do things my way and I’m not caving to a bunch of suits in their New York ivory tower who decide how rich you have to be. Hey, we’re not all Jim Balsillie you know.

I’d be a good owner. First thing I’d do is give a free ticket to everyone who’s commented here.  I’d even tell the coach to dress me and some buddies and let us skate a few shifts or he’s fired.

I guess I’m screwed as owner. A hundred bucks isn’t Gary Bettman’s cup of tea? Yeah, well you wait, Bettman. Some day I’ll be back, only with a new offer. And it won’t be a hundred bucks. No sir. It’s gonna be a thousand.

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