You Shoot Because You Do

As mentioned on Hockey Inside Out, both Josh Gorges and Dale Weise might be suiting up for Wednesday’s game in Chicago.

All we need now is Brandon Prust and Travis Moen back, and hope  everyone else is as healthy as a 40-year old Jack LaLanne when the real season begins.

Gorges is a left-handed shot, as are Francis Bouillon, Jarred Tinordi, and Douglas Murray, who’s back from his suspension after one more game. Somebody’s gonna take a rest there.

Dale Weise shoots right-handed, as does Rene Bourque and George Parros. So one of those fellows will also be having some down time.

I did a little Googling and found that the majority of Canadian hockey players, young and old, shoot left-handed, while the majority of Americans shoot right-handed.

It’s odd and there are different theories, none of which I had the time to try and understand when I was reading up on it.

And how do they know that folks young and old shoot more left or right? Because since curved sticks became the norm in the 1960s, American hockey manufactures say they’ve been shipping way more lefts than rights to Canada ever since.

It’s sort of the same with golf only different. Seven percent of Canadian golfers swing left, which is apparently the highest percentage of any nation. And the reason they give is because Canadians pick up hockey sticks at an early age and it’s therefore imprinted when it comes time to pick up a golf club.

European players are mostly left-handed shots too, and one site gives the example of the great Soviet teams of the 1980s, some of which never had even one righty on the roster.

I shoot right, write left, my fork is in my left, and I put my right shoe on first if you’re interested.

5 thoughts on “You Shoot Because You Do”

  1. I don’t know if it will be a left-wing or a right-wing government, but there’s no danger of the Montreal Canadiens becoming the Montreal Quebecois anytime soon

  2. Hey Dennis, which leg goes into your underwear first, right or left that is the defining answer.

  3. And Americans shoot right because that’s also how they hold a baseball bat. Someone should write a paper. Congrats to all the Quebecers who voted against the PQ yesterday. As a Canadian I thank you, you made my day, and I hope we don’t have to hear the word referendum for a very long time.

  4. Hi Dennis, Here’s the reason why Vanek will not sign with Montreal. Most Americans only speak one language and it’s not even proper English. If Vanek’s wife thinks like most of her fellows Americans, she’s probably freaking out right now just hearing that really weird tongue that is French.Remember Expos Bryn Smith and Langston’s wives. So language barrier and schooling will be an issue. Vanek will probably sign for less money somewhere else so that his family can feel secure once again. I really hope that I’m wrong because if Vanek goes, the Montreal Canadiens will take one step backwards. They have been looking for so long for an elite player like Vanek that it would be a shame to loose him. Gilles Gratton.

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