You Probably Already Know

Big game tonight, and Brandon Prust will be back after finally recovering from his shoulder injury he suffered on Oct.19th against Nashville.

And apparently Alexei Emelin (pronounced YeMELin) will be suiting up on Saturday after being on the sidelines since April 6th when he got in the way of a rushing train called Milan Lucic.

It doesn’t seem right that the team is recovering from injuries. It just seems weird.

Peter Budaj will be between the pipes.

But you’ll have to excuse me, I’m going for my pre-game meal – beer and ribs.

7 thoughts on “You Probably Already Know”

  1. Dennis, I still say when everyone is healthy and we’re firing on all cylinders, the Habs can be serious contenders. Prust and Emelin are key players which will add tons of skill and toughness at both ends of the rink. I’m so glad they are coming back.

  2. I’m with you, Danno. A quick team like that firing on all cylinders, with Price going good, they can contend. I believe that.

  3. Sadly, no Gallagher tonight. He’s not injured though. He’s just getting a day off because of the flu. David Desharnais is back in the lineup.

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