You Never Froze Up When Pit Lepine Was Around.

 Pit Lepine was a solid Montreal Canadiens goal-scoring forward from 1925 to 1939. In 1939 he was made coach of the Habs, but the team was quite lousy and they ended up in last place. That ended his short term as coach and he was fired and replaced by Dick Irvin. 

 This is my empty bottle of Pit Lepine anti-freeze, probably from the 1930’s.

 The label reads:

 “Pit Lepine Presents” –

  For a quick start. Dissolves in the gas tank.

In case of motor trouble due to frost, empty the contents into the tank and the motor will start again within a few minutes.

4 thoughts on “You Never Froze Up When Pit Lepine Was Around.”

  1. Dennis,

    I drove a young couple to Banff the other day and the man’s grandfather was John Quilty who played for the Habs in the 40s. He was a big boy (an Edmonton officer-in-training) and so was his grandpa for his time. Hmm, maybe u should get a taxi, Dennis. After a year u’d probably have enough Hab-related fares to write a book.

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