You Met Who?

These are my two kid brothers in the early 1970’s with good old Eddie Shack.

Paul, on the left, now has a great job with Correctional Services of Canada (parole board), which might come in handy if I decide to murder Gaston.  It’s funny he’s wearing number 99. Wayne Gretzky was just a little kid like Paul at that time.

Joel, on the right, became a musician and lived in Nashville for a long time, and now plays in bands part-time and also builds houses.

Eddie Shack, for all I know, might still sell Christmas trees, hustle ten different ways, and continue to do extremely well for a guy who never learned to read or write. (He used to use a stamp to sign his autograph).

What’s this all about? It’s because I’m keeping on top of the contest which is not only related to sending a kids team to Whitehorse for Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada The Big Save, but stories of NHL players you’ve met over the years is a fascinating subject in its own right.

Tell me about these NHL players you’ve encountered, like these folks have in the comments section of My Brothers Met Eddie Shack At A Car Dealership, and I’ll put the names in the old fedora, pick one out, and somebody will win a family pack of hockey stuff like jerseys, hats, and toques from Scotiabank, which I’ll draw at the end of the month.

10 thoughts on “You Met Who?”

  1. I met Cristobal Huet at Best Buy once.

    My sister is the lucky one though.
    She met Vincent Lecavalier in a restaurant downtown.
    She was also there when I met Cristobal Huet
    She met Mike Komisarek and Chris Higgins together at a beer festival.

  2. Those are good ones, Phil. Thanks a lot. And I remember you telling me you trick or treated at Koivu’s house. Or am I confused here.

  3. My dad took me to an oldtimers game in Kimberley BC when I was about seven years old. Eddie Shack and the Rocket were the two guys that stood out to me at that age waiting for the players to come out (who all signed my little hockey stick that my dad had bought me there). Shack because of his massive hands (he could sign his name at that point), boy was I ever intimidated by him because of the size of those hands, and The Rocket because he was so generally nice. I had also met Pete and Frank Mahovlich, The Chief, Gilbert Perrault, The Pocket Rocket, and many others at that game. It was one of the best days of my life. Years later in a video production class in high school, I was one of the cameramen for another oldtimers game in Fernie BC, and got to meet Marcel Dionne, and Guy Lafleur.

  4. Really nice story, Jesse. Those oldtimers were great. They barnstormed around from town to town because they genuinely loved the game and the fans. I was at one in 1992 in Calaary with the Rocket refereeing and Shack was there too. I really love where you say “it was one of the best days of my life.” Thanks for this.

  5. another shack story. we were playing a bar in toronto and shack was there with a few old leafs, carl brewer and bob nevin. every night our harmonica player would do a solo, just him and the drummer playing. of course every harmonica solo invariably ends up with a beat mimicking the rhythm of a train. eddie was on the dance floor dancing, our harp player jumped down onto the dance floor, got on his knees in front of shack playing the train rhythm and chanting “clear the track” as the train rhythm got faster and faster. shack caught on and joined in the chant with the biggest shack smile you ever saw. we played really loud too.

  6. BT……. does anyone know the lyrics to the song “clear the track here comes shack”? i’m sure inspector danno can track them down.

  7. Hobo, I know some off the top of my head.
    “Clear the track, here comes Shack,
    He’ll knock you and he’ll give you a whack,
    He scores goals,
    Eddie, Eddie Shack.”

    Or something like that.

  8. I think I told you this one Dennis,… awhile back… I had the plesure of meeting Gary Lupul at a, then local, restaurant/pub where I was the chef at the time. You aren’t kidding around when you say he was polite, gracious and all too happy to sign a coaster for me to give to my Bro. He was a delight to meet, even if it was only for afew minutes. That encounter gave me that much more sorrow to endure when we all heard of his death…
    My brother proudly displays this autograph along with afew others in his own “little hockey hall ‘o fame” ….way down under in Australia where he currently has made his home.

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