You Mean We Still Have To See The Bruins?

Don Cherry is elated. Mike Milbury and PJ Stock toast each other. Colin Campbell is over the moon. Gary Bettman is worried the Canucks might win.

Well gang, guess what. Everyone should stop smiling and toasting, and should be worried like Mr. Bettman. Because the unlikeable Boston Bruins are going to have their hands full with those solid, dangerous, and very rested Vancouver Canucks.

The problem with Boston taking out Tampa in Friday’s 1-0 shutout win is that we have to still see the Boston Bruins. Not to mention seeing Nathan Horton, who should have been suspended a game for being less than professional with a fan in Tampa. But of course he wasn’t.

I could list all the players I don’t want to see, but I’m not going to because I’m just sick of them all.

Vancouver’s got a great team and I see them definitely beating Boston, and it could even be a short series if things go right. The Sedin’s, as good a one-two punch as there’s been, are rolling along, and hopefully their tic-tac-toes will quickly erase Tim Thomas’ seemingly good-natured demeanor. (Although maybe his demeanor is an act. Maybe he’s a miserable son of a bitch who kicks cats and swears at the paper boy.)

I wonder if Vancouver native Milan Lucic will behave himself and try to act normal. And I’m hoping to see Ryan Kesler give a Gordie Howe major league elbow to Brad Marchand’s face when the referee isn’t looking.

Should be good, this Stanley Cup final. It would have been much more fun though, if it were the Habs and Canucks going at it.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to watch the games and not look at any Bruins while doing so.


12 thoughts on “You Mean We Still Have To See The Bruins?”

  1. You hit the nail on the head Dennis pointing out it was Nathan Horton who scored the game-winning goal but should have been suspended.

    The Bruins are the darlings of the NHL brass with Daddy Campbell making sure the league always tilts the ice in Boston’s favour. It’s disgusting really.

    I really hope the Canucks crush the Bruins into a fine powder.

    Seeing Daniel Sedin hoisting the cup instead of Zdeno Chara will be much easier on our eyes.

  2. Go Canucks Go ! That’s all I can say Dennis… except I hope there are going to be refs allowed to blow their whistles …at the appropriate times !!

  3. The way the league is allowing the Booins to play with so many “Get out of Jail Free Cards” and it’s so painfully obvious to everyone but them kind of reminds me of Nero (who could so easily be Gary Bettman) standing in the middle of Rome and oblivious to the fact that the city is burning all around him.

  4. i only watched the 3rd. period. the bolts looked totally panicked…. at least the habs took the b’s to overtime in the 7th. game which just goes to show how close they came to reaching the final…………….. the sedins had better play as big as their physical size in the next one……….. maybe i can find a bruin broadcast to watch. it will probably be less of a bruin homer broadcast than HNC…….. GO CANUCKS

  5. By the time Vancouver finishes off the Bruins, Chara will go home standing about 4’8″ tall .

  6. It’s going to be tough to watch, Danno. But if Vancouver plays really well it’ll be a bit easier. I can’t stomach many of the Bruins. And there’s the media and fans……..There’s no way the league disciplinarian should be working when his son is playing. Even if Colin Campbell sits it out, his buddies will back him. It’s only natural. Never have I hoped for Vancouver like now. I need a drink.

  7. Good luck to you Jan. You’ve been a solid and faithful Canucks fan all along and now you get a chance to see them go all the way. I’m happy for you. Hope you and the family are doing great.

  8. Dishonest John, if Bettman kiboshes the Winnipeg thing I think there should be a major uprising. Stage a coup or something. And we all know he’s praying the Cup goes to Boston and not some Canadian wilderness outpost.

  9. Hobo, as much as HNIC is a Bruins homer network, those people at NESN etc. are a true piece of work. I’m not sure you could stomach them. But if you pay a visit to Pavlov’s Lab before game time it might help.

  10. yeh, you’re probably right about nesn. is there a vancouver radio broadcast i can stream while i watch the game? i’ll get too pissed off to enjoy the game if i have to put up with the cbc clowns………… even a trip to pablo’s lab won’t take that edge off.

  11. I don’t know how streaming works, Hobo. In fact, I’m not even sure what streaming is. I need Pablo’s lab.

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