You Mean There’s A Game Tonight?

A brief mention of a couple of things that you may or may not find interesting.

And why brief? Because I have to go to the store and buy paint and then proceed to spruce up a room in my house before the puck drops and Montreal slaughters the New Jerseyans. 

The last time the Canadiens played, on Oct. 16th, we were all much younger.

After five games in this new season, the Habs sit at three wins, a loss, and an overtime loss, which isn’t bad, although we expect a win on every night, don’t we?

Last year, after five games of the 2009-10 season, it was two wins and three losses, including the wretched west coast swing that saw the boys drop a nasty 7-1 game to the Vancouver Canucks in which Carey Price imploded in front of family and friends. This game was for me, above all others, the beginning of all Price woes which he is only just now recovering from.

The team actually lost five of their first seven in this year.

The year before, in 2008-09, the Canadiens were one overtime loss and four wins in their first five outings and managed to rack up eight wins in ten games.

What does it all mean? It means I have to get to the store and buy some paint.

7 thoughts on “You Mean There’s A Game Tonight?”

  1. This paint color – is it bleu, blanc or rouge – and is it for Jack’s new room? You might want to consider upping your fire and life insurance with him and Gaston under the same roof.

    I’m tired of opposing teams coming into the Bell Centre and loving playing there. I speak specifically of Brodeur and his forked butt teammates. I long for the days of the old Forum when opposing teams quaked in their skates well before and after the game was played.

    It’s time for the Habs to remind these party crashers just whose house it is. Just like the Sens were, the Devils are overdue for a serious butt whupping at Bell. Habs – get it done.

  2. You’re not kidding, Tyg. Time to put the hammer down on these enemies who play their best games in Montreal. I’m with you, it’s time. And the Gaston/Jack thing? I’m worried about murder.

  3. Take out the 7-2 leathering they got from the Caps and their other 2 road games have gone to OT. Should we be concerned?

    A tight game in prospect do we think?

    Painting and hockey. It slowed the progress of the Sistine Chapel as Michelangelo was always sloping off to catch a game. Your in good company.

  4. Blue I’ll take my chances with a tight game rather than getting p’owned by the Satan-lites. O/T would at least get us a point. I hate these teams that own us in our own barn.

    Mikey was a slacker all right. I don’t think Dennis is though.

  5. Blue Bayou, it’s like Tyg said. Players like Brodeur stand on the head when they play in Montreal. So Canadiens shouldn’t have a problem if Brodeur is just mediocre.

  6. I love it when you mention that epic game Dennis…
    What I don’t love is the beginning of this hockey season…

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