You Heard It Here

Andrei Kostitsyn spouted off on somebody’s website. And in the process, the website found itself with a nice juicy scoop.

That’s what I want. A big story broken here. 

How great would it be to report that I’ve found out that former Hab Georges Laraque is actually the love child of Lionel Richie and Aretha Franklin, or Jacques Martin enjoys jello shooters and Eminem? That’s what I need. Something like that. I’ll bet that Belarusian website got a lot of hits after the Kostitsyn sound-off.

Josh Gorges admits he hates ice cream. Is it true? You read it here first.

ABC is pushing Sean Avery to retire from hockey and become a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. “I’m definitely considering it,” Avery told this blog. “I’m just waiting to see who my male partner would be.”

Scott Gomez denies on my site that he’s ever been married to Selena Gomez.

Evangelist Billy Graham reveals that he reads the Bible every night, right after he reads this blog. “I get divine inspiration from this Habs site” says Graham in a Newsweek interview. The Pope said ditto to this comment.

Yannick Weber is a professional yodeler. Now you know.

Hal Gill spills the beans. “I’m not friendly. It’s been an act all along.”

Gary Bettman sat down with me for beer and discussion. “My dream is to have many more Canadian teams,” he told me. Later, after several pints, Bettman admitted that he likes basketball better than hockey.

This is the stuff I need. Just one big exposé. The internet would be buzzing. Maybe even overload and crash.

That’s what I want. A scoop big enough to crash the internet. Is it too much to ask?





6 thoughts on “You Heard It Here”

  1. Dennis use your powers for good and please don’t bring down the Internet. I don’t know what I would do without it and my daily fix.

  2. DK, this just in AK is now the offical stick-boy for les Canadiens. Remember you heard it here first!
    Cheers from the East!!!!

  3. Mike, Kostitsyn wouldn’t cut it as a stick boy. You must be committed. You must be fast with the sticks every single game. Nope, players would have to wait too long for a new one if he was in charge. This job calls for…….ME.

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