You Have To Wonder About The KHL

Just for the heck of it I searched YouTube for any ex-Hab Brent Sopel footage of him playing in the KHL and I found this 30 second piece of almost nothing. But I thought I’d put it up just so you can see how many fans are in the place. Yes, they pack’em in in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but some of these outposts are not even close, as you’ll see here.

I’ve said it all along. As much as the KHL feels they can compete with the NHL, they can’t. Soccer is the big draw in Russia and always has been. And how can these teams pay their players millions? I think it’s mainly because oil barons there have more money than the Sheik of Araby.

I also found, although I’m not sure how old this information is, that the KHL is ranked 4th in attendance overseas with average ticket sales per game at just 5,097, with Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany all ahead of them.


3 thoughts on “You Have To Wonder About The KHL”

  1. You shouldn’t say anything too bad about Gomez’s future league Dennis. He’ll obviously bring in the crowds with his amazing play. Hopefully Kaberle will join him!

  2. Hey Dennis,
    Sopel ended up playing on my buddy Randy’s team Metallurg Novokuznetsk this year in Russia.
    The team wasn’t very good, but I can tell you this they pay really well.
    Randy ended the season leading the team in pts with 25. Not very high for 54 games played. Randy’s buddies on the team and the guys he hung out with were Sopel and Brylin as most others couldn’t speak English. Most likely he will be going back if they throw that kind of money at him.

  3. Hi Robin. The KHL definitely pays well, but life is much better for sure in the NHL. Randy Robitaille has had a nice career in hockey and has been a good player over the years. Do you know if he’s enjoying it there? Also, I know you were an excellent player too and weren’t that far off from making big strides. Maybe you could’ve played for the Habs! In fact, I’m sure you could make the team right now!

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