You Don’t Need To Be Reminded About The Game

Dave in Jersey asked me not to write a post-game report. No one needs to be reminded of what transpired at the Bell Centre tonight. So in view of this, because of my great respect for Dave, there will be no post-game report.

I would like to mention though, that I think the boys should go out and get seriously drunk. Get it all out. Have a whoopin, hollerin, shooter-shootin, toastin time. Play darts, pinch the waitress – no, don’t pinch the waitress, buy some rounds for the boys, put some change in the jukebox, tell lies, laugh. Have a hangover tomorrow.

Clear out the cobwebs, look into the mirror, and do it differently next game. Saku Koivu, as captain, if he’s a real leader, will take Alex Kovalev aside and tell him in no uncertain terms just how much of a failure he’s become by being lazy and uninterested and selfish. Let it be a good old-fashioned shouting match. Go face to face. It might be the only time this year someone has really called Kovalev out for his inactivity. Everyone probably pussyfoots around him. Forget about that three-game holiday he had earlier as being any kind of punishment. That was just a nice rest for Kovalev. This time, Koivu should step up and show his stripes by getting seriously angry.

Somehow, though, I doubt if this will happen. Nothing will change. And anyway, Koivu can’t really talk. He’s been a bum too.

And has anybody taken my advice and tried to call Charlie Hodge to see if he’s willing to don the pads again?

2 thoughts on “You Don’t Need To Be Reminded About The Game”

  1. Okay, it’s settled. You’re the goalie. And I’m the coach because I’ve got a fedora.
    And anyway, can we be much worse?

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