You Can’t Win If Your Goalie Doesn’t Stop The Puck

Jaroslav Halak, playing for the again-absent Carey Price, didn’t remind anyone of Jacques Plante, Ken Dryden, or Patrick Roy tonight. In fact, he didn’t even remind me of Bob Chruszcz, goalie for the Orillia Byer’s Bulldozers Midget club, of which I was a smallish yet shifty right winger.


Halak let in three he should have stopped in the Habs 4-1 loss to the New Jersey Devils, albeit, the first one was deflected by teammate Kyle Chipchura. But he should’ve had it anyway. Stevie Wonder could have stopped the other two.


In the third, Marc Denis replaced Halak in goal and allowed only one goal. Which is one too many. 


Carey Price needs to start eating more Wheaties. It’s play some, out some. It’s upper body, lower body, flu-this, flu-that. Aren’t young guys supposed to be indestructible?


Not him. Shape up, Carey.


The Devils winning doesn’t affect the Canadiens fourth-place standing, but New Jersey does creep within one point of Montreal and are now tied with Philadelphia with 47 points to the Habs’ 48.


Game Note;


Max Pacioretty scored his first NHL goal in his first game. But his team lost so who cares?


I’ve got nothing left to say. I hate it when the Habs lose. YES, they’re supposed to win every game. Quit saying that.



4 thoughts on “You Can’t Win If Your Goalie Doesn’t Stop The Puck”

  1. When Patches scored I just decided the outcome of the game meant nothing to me as I’m so happy for the kid and for what he did on ice that night. Chipper made up for an error by setting up that goal with Gorges. Though not Chipper’s fault, really. He was a forward covering for a defenseman who pinched in and got burned. I think his line with Patches and Begin were probably the best line of the night too.

  2. It seems Halak usually plays poorly in the first game after having pulled back up duty for several matches in a row. He also seems to rebound with a better effort in the next game. Hopefully the trend continues. For a young guy he obviously loses something when he has to sit for any length of time.

  3. This whole idea of Price being in and out is a bit unnerving. As nice as a strong young up and comer is, if he’s not reliable, trade him. I think Price definitely could be starting a long career with the Habs, and hopefully a fruitful one. But if the Habs want that, they need to stick him in the net as often as they can
    You can see he’s a young guy when he plays, and he’s not gonna get the experience he so desperately needs while Halak is between the pipes.

  4. Let’s not blame Halak for the loss, where was the rest of the team?
    Are we not supposed to have offensive firepower on this team? Where is the PP?
    Clemmenson was last year playing for the Marlies in the AHL and look at him now.
    In my opinion, Halak is a capable backup, the best bakup goaltender we have since the days of Bryan Hayward backing up Patrick Roy in the late 80’s.
    I’ve seen the young Slovak play many many times in Hamilton. He is good and many of you are pointing the finger just by watching him play when the team does not play well.
    In defence of Halak, I’ve seen Carey Price let in many fluke goals this season and no one complains!
    Let’s back off the kid and I don’t see anyone like Plekanec, the Kostitsyn brothers, Kovalev, Lang, etc. showing anything last night in New Jersey.
    Changes have to be made or we will be disappointed come playoff time folks!
    Let’s make some trades Bobby while we can.
    I don’t see us playing 60 minute domination hockey game in and out like teams like Boston and Philadelphia.
    Are we really an Eastern Conference contender?
    Stay tuned. Only the players can determine their fate this Centeniial season, not us.

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