You Bet I Like This Swap

Now that’s hockey!!! A trade in mid-game to make people wake up and agree, disagree, love, and hate. A trade to spark our interest and mask the fact that the Habs lost again, with the Senators, Rangers, Caps, Penguins, and Red Wings coming up next.

I happen to love the trade. I think we did fine on this one. But then again, I would’ve traded one of our underachieving dwarfs for a keg of beer.

Mike Cammalleri only had nine lousy goals for the Habs. This from a guy who was supposed to be a big gun, a threat on a nightly basis, a power play force, a go-to guy. But he wasn’t any of these. He was a six-million dollar player who went through most of his shifts without causing a stir, who showed no real passion or fire, and who whined about his ice time. Like Randy Cunneyworth said, do something and the ice time will grow.

The talk now is that new guy, Rene Bourque, is inconsistent. And Cammalleri wasn’t? So I suppose the bottom line is, we traded a guy who was incredibly inconsistent for a guy who might be inconsistent, we don’t know yet, and is also bigger, meaner, and half the price. To me this is good business, but then again, I owned a pub that didn’t do well and had to sell it, so what do I know?

And take away numbers and past and present performances, I’ll just come clean here. I never liked Cammalleri’s game from the beginning, even when he was producing. All I could see out there was a guy with talent who also played a soft game, who roamed the edges looking to be set up, who didn’t like to get his nose dirty, and whose shoulder pads were too big for his body.

We’re at the point now that shy of a miracle, we’re about to sink, and it’s completely unacceptable to Habs fans. Changes need to be made,  the look of the team has to be different from now on, and we had, and still have, too many small guys that don’t scare anybody.

I like the trade. You bet. Now we need more.

20 thoughts on “You Bet I Like This Swap”

  1. Rene also has more goals in the last two years than Cammy. Even if he is streaky, he can’t be any worse than Gomez. Least this guy looks like he may actually score sometimes. Right away that’s a step up.

    I also like that we are starting to go big. It’s about time and we shouldn’t have been in this situation to begin with. We need big guys to protect the little guys.

    He’s a bit of a nasty player with two suspensions this season so far so maybe it’ll give other teams second thoughts before running our goalie or our little guys. I can’t wait until Boston accuses us of being goons.

    I think more trades are coming. Most people seem to think that way so let’s see where this goes.

    The only thing that bothers me is a few GMs are saying they didn’t even know Cammy was available. They could have given us even more for him.

    I’m going to that Detroit game. I hope it’s a good one!

  2. Darth, I know you talk about the potholes and politicians in Montreal, but you get to go to games and you get to enjoy the ultra-vibrant downtown. In many ways you’re very lucky. The GM’s said they didn’t know but they must have known that anyone is available at any time, especially after Cammy talked to the media. They just didn’t clue in. And maybe they were just blowing smoke through their heads. I LOVE the idea that we’re a little bigger. I’ve hated having a small team.

  3. It’s unfortunate that you can’t snap a finger or say Abracadabra and things will turn around overnight. Who knows, Bourque may be the start of better things to come.

  4. I’m glad Cammalleri is gone. There is no excuse for his comments and his shitty attitude. What an over-paid, crybaby of a floater. And Dennis is right. He was like that at the begining and even before that with LA and Calgary. He might go on a hot streak for a while with the Flames but I don’t care. Eventually his egomaniacal tendencies will resurface and he will be poison in their dressing room too.

    Following the Habs should be the pleasurable experience of watching an athletic competition – not the cheesy drama of reality TV. I am really looking forward to the Habs going from a whining streak to a winning streak.

  5. I hope this tweet posts ok:

    ericfrancis Eric Francis
    Cammalleri, while bouncing around his Bos hotel room: “I’m just so excited. I can’t wait to get there. I never wanted to leave Calgary.”
    17 hours ago
    Retweeted by All_Habs

    Well, so much for us I guess. Oh well, good bye and good riddance.

    I actually started a picture of him last week. There ain’t no way I’m finishing it now!

  6. Wow. Interesting, Darth. Eric Francis is a respected Calgary journalist so I’m inclined to believe this. (Francis’ mother is Diane Francis, a legend in economic writing circles).

  7. I forgot to add this:

    Wouldn’t it be great if we went on a big winning streak now? Maybe it turns out he was the big downer of the team and that’s why everyone was miserable and we were losing? Watch Gomez come back and start scoring like crazy and the reason he didn’t produce was because he didn’t want to pad Cammy’s stats.

  8. Danno, he got his chance to play for the Montreal Canadiens but he didn’t play like a Montreal Canadien. At least this year especially.

  9. It’s possible, Darth. You never know. Especially if not being named captain bothered him a lot.

  10. Well said , Danno. When a player is paid a shitload of money to help the Montreal Canadiens and doesn’t, it’s unacceptable. There’s another in this category as well.

  11. Do I like the trade? Yes. Say what you will about size, attitude, cap space – to me this trade boils down to one thing: a changing of the guard. Cammalleri is small and a sharp-shooter: the Bob Gainey special. Not a Gauthier man. I am all for Gauthier changing this team around. Has he made some blunders? No doubt. But look at Gauthier’s other big signings this year: would any Habs fan poo-poo signing Eric Cole? I doubt it. Nor do I think anyone would piss on Gorges’ extension. I liked Cammy, but the team needs fresh ideas and a new direction. I’m sorry he won’t be a part of it, and I wish him luck. Even Kaberle has fit in nicely. Though our power-play needs help, things are looking up.

    He’s a question, everyone is saying we having $8 million in cap space. Do we look at re-signing Price and Subban? Do we want to keep AK47? Are more trades coming?

    I see a Price extension and at least two more trades coming up. But that’s just a guess.

    I hope we see Leblanc play again. I liked his energy. I also hope we see MArkov again this year, but I don’t expect we will.

    Didn’t see the last two games. Sounds like I didn’t miss much.

    And that is the extent of my thoughts at this time.



  12. I listened to alot of whinning on the TSN’s radio coverage of the game last night. The talk was of how we gave up a 39 goal scorer for a player who can’t skate well and has no heart. WTF! The haters are going to hate this trade no matter what but it’s an upgrade. I used to love Cammi. Guy was fast and scored goals. So the first year in Montreal he wasn’t quite the 39 goal scorer I hoped for. Then he was off the secound year again but thats OK cause its just an off year of an off year. Well this year I have to admit he’s a useless tool when it comes to work ethic and teamwork. Game after game it was the same thing. Perimeter play, no physical contact, and no back-checking. Any complaints about Pleks and his output this year should look at who he was saddled with. How many players want to play with a player with Cammi’s work ethic. How bad does that make you look and just how hard do you have to work to make-up for his lack lustre performance game after game.Montreal came out OK on this trade. Maybe they could have gotten more but fact is tBhey got what they got and hopefully they clear alot more. Bottom line is despite all the talk of what we gave up it is all about what Cammi had done two/three years ago. What did he bring to ther rink lately?

  13. Good points everyone. And Dennis, I think we are not small anymore. Pleks is almost average, Gionta plays big and so does DD. We now have 10 MEN on offense. I didn’t count Gomer. If I feel this good with 13 gone, imagine maybe the team will be more than motivated tomorrow. Maybe we finally see the chemistry. Maybe the sleeper team of the second half. Boston aint’t that good.

  14. Mayo I hope we aren’t that good in the secound half although a part of me would sure love that. At this point there’s hope that Montreal can get a few more good parts going forward. With the spotlight on the Habs and Gauthier he has to be careful and not make alot of mistakes. The whole hockey world is watching him right now and what he does now is the label he will carry for the rest of his life. I’m hoping for a top pick this year in the amateur draft. Some-one that Montreal can build around for the future. A star to be. I would be thrilled if instead of winning more often overall that we save our wins for beating the Leafs and Bruins.

  15. David, for sure – a changing of the guard. It’s what’s been needed, and more is needed. And you mention the power play, which has been the ultimate achilles heel. I’ve said it before, if the PP was even middle of the pack, we’d be way up the standings. But 30th place. Damn.I also see Price signing and more moves coming. It’s going to very interesting to see how Gomez plays now that he’s coming back. If he’s the same old failure, he needs to go pronto.

  16. Hi Don. Cammy never did get back to that 39 goal type of player he might have been once upon a time. You describe him perfectly – perimeter play, no physical contact etc. All I know is, Rene Bourque is big, has more goals, and killed us in the Heritage game. Nothing was working with Cammy in our lineup so it was time to try something new. Those TV guys are the strangest dudes.. I remember about six games ago a Habs game was on TSN and the team had managed to get a few points here and there in the standings. Nothing special, just a few one-point games. The pre-game TV guys went on and on about how two hot teams were going at it this night. Montreal, at that point, was as cold as they are now. Anything but hot, and I told myself that these guys really, really, don’t know what they’re talking about.

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