Yes, They Pay Big Dollars, But Does It Make Him Play Better When They Boo?

Although we know that booing isn’t going to make Carey Price a better goalie, Jack Todd in the Gazette makes a case that it’s okay to boo anyway. Carey Price Isn’t Inspiring Confidence.

Todd makes some solid points, although the bottom line for me is that booing won’t make Price play better, but probably worse. So how does that help the team?

Thanks to Danno for sending this over on this dark and early morning.

13 thoughts on “Yes, They Pay Big Dollars, But Does It Make Him Play Better When They Boo?”

  1. Yeah Todd makes a few good points, but I’ve read and heard strong arguments on both sides and commented myself, but now I’m to the eye-rolling point. How many people calling into CJAD last night post-game actually commented on the game they just watched instead of Carey Price? I think I heard maybe 2 before I got fed up and switched it off. Constant running over-analysis of Price serves only the MSM that sell more papers, get more listeners/viewers, or get more website hits. That’s it.

    Anything that doesn’t serve to help the team and its players but only adds fuel to the fire will always feel my scorn. Hence I scorn Jack Todd. Also Gui! and Dandy, just ’cause they were all over the feeds last night and since they’re no longer Habs, I fail to give a rat’s patootie.

  2. Dennis,

    To boo, or not to boo. That is the question.

    Let’s go back a bit.

    Isn’t Jack Todd is the same guy who once said we shouldn’t use the word “we” when talking about our team? So I just find it a bit over the top for him to tell us it’s okay to start booing our team which includes Carey Price.

    I just don’t think he’s in any position to tell us how to behave. Jack Todd is not a loyal fan like most of us and doesn’t realize how much damage this can do. Or maybe he does and he’s okay with that.

    And I question his journalistic judgment too. What’s with him referring to Pierre Gauthier as “Bob Lite” in his article? Not very professional for a print journalist, in my opinion.

    I think Tyg’s right. Maybe Jack Todd thinks this will get him noticed and the Gazette will sell more papers.

    If Carey Price has a lackluster year, maybe Jack Todd will feel good because he’ll be able to say “I told you so.” But will he also accept at least part of the blame for giving the rude and rowdy at the Bell Centre carte blanche to heap abuse on a 23-year old kid, thereby destroying any chance he had to make a go of it here?

    I really, really hope all these doubters and naysayers are proven to be wrong and are silenced as a result of Price having a spectacular breakthrough year.

    In the meantime, I wish a big red light would go on behind Jack Todd’s desk every time he makes a spelling mistake or makes some sort of error in one of his articles. That, along with 20,000 people who stand up and start yelling “you suck” and loudly boo him. Let’s see how he performs under those conditions.

    Boooooo, Jack Todd! Booooooo!

  3. Let me say first of all that as someone who can barely skate from one end of a rink to the other, let alone control a puck and dish out concerted bursts of physical violence at the same time, it ill behoves me to question the accumulated wisdom of the cradle of all that is great in hockey.

    So following Danno’s posts regarding the appropriate “Syrup”, I have spent many hours in troubled solitary contemplation allied with intense and heartrending conversations with my tin of LBMT Canada No. 1 Medium.

    My tin is basically arguing as follows:

    “ Sure I have the Leaf emblem on my cap but it’s the Country’s national symbol. Any Montreal player will wear that symbol with pride if playing for the national team? (well, wear it anyways). I’m from Quebec. I’m no Leaf. Yes I can see the attraction of the Lafleur product. But let’s face it, that syrup doesn’t have to work at it. It’s badged up with a famous name and that makes the sale. Me I’m going to have to work to establish myself in the affections of the fans.”

    Yes folks, the issue of my magic tin of syrup mirrors the Price controversy. Should it carry the can (d’ya see what I did there) for all the team’s problems. Let’s remember it was only opened after the first defeat and is therefore 2 and 1 at the moment.

    I don’t know, you’re all making it really tough for me and my syrup. I’m going to have to think about this. I know this has to be sorted by the start of the season.

    Culinery Note: We Cockney London types put onion gravy on our bangers and mash (before putting on our hobnail boots, hooking our thumbs in our braces and highkicking down our cobbled streets singing “Wiv a little bit of Luck”)

    Liguistic Note: Well bred Englishpersons refer to the “toilet” as the Water Closet or Lavatory. Lower class types refer to it as the “khazi” (and worse but this is a decent website). Only the pretentious middle classes who pretend they never think about bottoms ‘n stuff call it the ‘loo’.

    Note of Self Preservation: Dennis, this Danno chap, is he big? If I don’t do what he asks and the gloves come off, am I likely to end up quite badly hurt? I’m blessed with good facial bone structure, it’s important to me.

    My own personal viewpoint on booing is that I’ve never booed my team or an individual in the ordinary run of things. I’ve sworn and ranted plenty but booing always seems to me the extreme. While they’re wearing the shirt that’s enough to allow them an awful lot of slack.

  4. Blue Bayou, please forgive me for jumping to conclusions and blaming your syrup can for all our woes. I am a passionate fan and am somewhat prone to pushing the panic button prematurely.

    I want to reassure you that I’m just a wee chap and a peaceful one at that, and I thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important matter.

    Upon further reflection, I must tell you that I have had a change of heart about your tin of LBMT Canada No. 1 Medium syrup.

    You made some very valid points, so please do not dispose of it just yet.

    I also offer you this for further consideration:

    The above is the sweater the Canadiens wore from 1910-13.

    It is a thing of beauty and I am pleased to report that this has reassured me that there should not be any negative effects from opening your syrup can. This is because the Canadiens had the maple leaf as their crest first. Before it became part of our flag and before it was adopted by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Those Toronto Maple Leafs were just unoriginal Johnny come latelies who stole the symbol. But we had it first.

    Consequently I am absolutely convinced that those little maple leafs on your syrup can are a sure sign of great things to come for the Canadiens.

    There is an excellent article by Robert Lefebvre which explains the history of all this in great detail…

    All this is a very positive omen. So please continue to apply the LBMT Canada No. 1 Medium syrup liberally to all your crumpets and strumpets.

    I now firmly believe that little tin of LBMT Canada No. 1 Medium syrup is the magic elixir we have all been looking for.

  5. Yes, Blue Bayou, Danno’s a fine fellow. I remember when he was first released from San Quentin Penitentiary and I thought he was a bit gruff, it was hard to tell his emotions behind the tattoos on his face, but I’ve learned that he has a big heart and has decided not to rejoin his gang. Actually, he did mention lately that he wouldn’t mind living in London, England and he figures he knows a quick way to make some money so he might show up at your door very soon. He’s a great guy but maybe you should lock up your valuables.

  6. Danno’s recent communication takes a load off my mind. Let me assure you I will be keeping a weather eye on the syrup situation and if I feel the LBMT is not up to the job it will go. (superb retro jersey btw)

    In celebration of my new found peace of mind I thought this website deserved to be the place where I break the news of a major breakthrough in Shakespearean scholarship. Not least because as hockey fans I know you will appreciate it far more than some dry academic journal.

    As you may or not be aware, the available biographical sources for Shakespeare’s life have a gap between 1585 (when he was 21) and 1592 when he shows up in London as a playwright and actor.

    Where he was and what he was doing have been the subject of much speculation with ever more ridiculous theories being peddled.

    Well I can put the cap on all this. After years of patient research, I can now reveal that Billy as any 21 year old hockey lover would do, took ship and sailed for Canada to try and break into the big league. He spent 5 years playing minor league hockey for a number of teams in Cape Breton and New Brunswick. Apparently he was a useful left winger with good stick skills but lacking a little in his skating and dogged by injury. And it was this recurring injury that held him back.

    Diligent work in the records of numerous dusty archives led me to unearth the medical report that signaled the end of his dream. Picture the scene where young Will is summoned to the GM’s office.
    “Son, I don’t quite know how to break this to ya, but we’re goin’ have to let you go. The Doc says it’ll never be right (pushes paperwork across desk). Best go home to your wife and kids and look for somethin’ else.”

    The clincher is that not long after returning to England and embarking on his new career, Shakespeare reveals just how tortured he is by the shattering of his dreams when he titles one of his first tragedies after the chronic muscular condition that finished his ice time.

    Modern boot design, sophisticated stretching regimes and spinal re-alignment techniques mean that no player today would suffer the same fate.

    The condition? Well as with any medical tract written back then, the report is all in latin but no-one can fail to note the reference to a “Titus Andronicus” being at the root of his problems.

  7. Blue Bayou – further to your Billy Shakespeare story. Billy was good, darn good, but Conn Smythe’s great,great,great,great grandfather didn’t have any patience for players who liked books. He offered him a job as program writer which he accepted, but fans couldn’t figure out what he was saying when he wrote player profiles. It’s all very sad. I don’t think he was given a chance. Don’t forget, there was no expansion back then.
    Also, your syrup’s on the bubble tonight. My patience for syrup only runs slowly and sticky for a short time. They play tonight, Blue Bayou, so it’s up to you. We’re at your mercy.

  8. I have to take my rest it being late this side of the globe, but I will wake up around 3.30 to 4.00am (something that’s a hangover from when the kids were babies, which I was getting over and then the playoffs just made it worse) and nervously check the score.

    In the depths of a fridge, somewhere in my kitchen (I know, it makes it seem like I don’t know where my fridge is) a small tin is trembling.

    But hey it’s preseason. Me and tin, we’ve got a little time.

    Have faith people.

  9. Blue Bayou, what colour is the maple leaf on the LBMT cap? Red is the ideal proud colour, green or gold have historical significance but any colour is acceptable, except blue. If it’s blue, for your safety I’d advise you to pour it down the WC followed by couple jugs of cleaner.

    BTW, what do you think of the name bayou tricolore?

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