18 thoughts on “Yes It’s True. I Show How To Solve The Habs Rubik’s Cube”

  1. The hand is quicker than the eye!

    What a fine piece of prestidigitation Dennis.

    And I love the way you made that DKRFSB disappear at the same time!

    Gaston was surprisingly well behaved throughout the performance too.


  2. Danno, I had to look up “prestidigitation.” Thanks. Yes, it’s too bad I didn’t have this performance when I was in West Hollywood last fall. I could’ve peddled it to the studios. Damn.

  3. It isn’t a naughty word, but it sure sounds like it!

    You need to take your show to Vegas Dennis, and I mean it in the nicest possible way. David Copperfield’s got nothing on you.

  4. Yeah, Danno. I’ve never seen David Copperfield solve a Rubik’s Cube. Maybe he can’t. He can probably make one disappear though.

  5. Very impressive, Dennis. You should get a mini-series like Criss Angel and David Blaine. Maybe you could challenge David Blaine to a physical feat of strength; you could go with out your micro brew beer and David could go without water and see who wins. l

  6. Geez, Mayo, if I don’t get at least 17 Kane Beer every day I start to shake. Is that good or bad?

  7. Danno, I can see it now. I take Gaston to Vegas, he steals Copperfield’s wife, and then sets the stage curtain on fire.

  8. 17 beers? Its probably good cause you don’t have a beer gut. And is that a 1970’s vest you are wearing?

  9. Dennis,

    People keep saying to me “You know that Dennis Kane, he’s wasted.”

    I always assumed they were referring to how your many talents, some of which are regularly displayed in this fine blog, should be put to sorting out important matters like world peace, global warming or getting the Habs to score more than 3 goals off 500 shots.

    So it was in eager anticipation that I watched the video, knowing how hard it is to solve that puzzle; I was ready for a demonstration of yet another string in the Kane bow, a bow which is very stringy, or highly strung or has lots of string, whatever……

    Anyway, I’ve watched the vid and now I understand that “wasted” refers to your condition due to the drink. I mean, 17 DKRSFB? That’s oblivion.

  10. Yes Phil, it’s true. Although I’m trying to be humble and will say it’s possible there are one or two others on the planet who would give me a run for my money, maybe. And because I’m just a humble magician, I’m putting your quote in “Quote of the Day.”

  11. Mayo, I’m very proud of my vest. I bought it at a second-hand shop in Vegas. I also have another I bought in Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco.

  12. BlueBayou, are you saying the hand wasn’t quicker than the eye? Danno says it was. Phil was impressed. Mayo thought so. But I didn’t fool you? Damn. Oh, and the other thing. It’s not a big deal to sort out world peace and global warming, but c’mon – getting the Habs to score more than 3 goals off 500 shots? Are you kidding? Harry Houdini would only laugh and shake his head.

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