Yes, It’s True. I Have Family Who Aren’t Habs’ Fans

Below is my stepson, Denis Brel. He’s a 31 year old Russian guy, has lived in St. Petersburg, Russia all his life, and speaks only a little english. When Denis was much younger, he struck up a long-term friendship through letters with a guy from Pittsburgh who began sending to Denis a ton of Penguins stuff. And before you know it, Denis became a big Penguins fan.

I’ve never understood it.

And by the way, when Denis was born, his father wanted to name him Bobby after Bobby Hull, but “Bobby” sounds too funny when speaking Russian, so they did the next best thing – they named him Denis after Bobby’s brother, Dennis Hull. Imagine. 

Other photos include Denis’ gorgeous wife Natasha, who I’ve had in this blog before, and their daughter Anastasia. I don’t think any of them are Habs fans. In fact, I have a picture of little Anastasia wearing a #&%$ Leafs jersey.

Denis is a computer whiz, and that’s him in this double shot.





5 thoughts on “Yes, It’s True. I Have Family Who Aren’t Habs’ Fans”

  1. It may be too late for the son, but you’re about to enter the prime indoctrination age for the grand-daughter. Christmas, birthday, Canada day gifts can all be with Canadiens theme.

  2. I gonna start doing that. I’m doing it for my grandson in Calgary, and now it’s time for the little Russian.

  3. Yes excellent job with your grandson’s boots. He’s going to need a lot of Hab merchandise to insulate him from the local Flame fans, especially his father.

  4. Yeah, That would be easier Dennis

    I once got my friend a Leafs jersey with his name on the back and his number. i wanted the name on the back to be “sucks” and then number to be 67; the last time the Leafs won the cup.

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