11 thoughts on “Yes, It’s That Time Of The Year”

  1. You’ve got the colours all wrong.

    You need blue, green and white.

    Also, an orca and a number 16.

  2. Farting on the logo means never sitting on the park bench again for the rest of your life.

  3. Lovely! Sit on it, have your picture taken, and send it to the Habs (somehow) and maybe they’ll put you on the fan video thingy before the games 😀

  4. nice job Dennis………good idea Lawrence…..Oh-Dennis…never invite Kelly to sit on your bench…enough said.

  5. DK; Not qite sure where Robert L’s blow hole is but that logos rather high up to F%&t on !!!
    Cheers from the East !!!!

  6. Dennis: I think it would MUCH better with some Black and Gold and nice spoked Bruins logo in the middle. Cheers! Oh those Bruins fans. Better than sticking you with a hatpin.

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