Yellow Fever

Luci and I are heading downtown today to hopefully find a couple of cheap tickets for tonight’s Habs-Buffalo affair.

We’ve decided that it doesn’t matter where we sit. We just want to be in the building. We want to see the red hot gang with 20,000 other Habs fans.

Marjo asked to see the good old Scientific Habs Information Tracking System and her wish is my command.

Have a look, but please be careful. With all that yellow, you might want to think about sunglasses.


10 thoughts on “Yellow Fever”

  1. Wear a hat and mittens– it’s cold out there! Hope you get tickets, Dennis! I’m sending you my good luck vibes. Say hi to Luci for me.

  2. Thanks Marjo. We need to soak in some pre-game, downtown atmosphere. And find a scalper who’s desperate to get rid of a couple.

  3. Wow! Lots of nice bright yellow on the good old Scientific Habs Information Tracking System! S.H.I.T.S is starting to look spectacular!

    I hope you score some good seats at a reasonable price. That way Mr. Molson can meet with you between periods to sign you to your stick boy contract.

  4. Dennis, if I had access to tickets I would sure love to make you and Luci happy and give you some. Have you seen a game at the Bell yet? If not, when was your last game at the Forum?

  5. Marjo, the only time I saw a game at the Bell was the preseason red and white game. Never a real one. And the last game I saw at the Forum was in the late 1980s.

  6. whoa! i turned the lights off in my rec room and there was a bright yellow glow lighting up the room.

    hope you get to see the game……

  7. DK & Luci, I hope your quest for tickets meet with success. Been to a few games there, great but not the same atmosphere as the Forum. I also have my S.H.I.T.S. sheet beside me and before checking I must put on my Ray Bans!
    GO HABS GO!!!!

  8. 3-2 Habs over the Sabres.

    It was an ugly win. But an ugly win is way better than a beautiful loss.

    The future of the SHITS looks so bright I have to wear shades.

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