Wrong Time Of Year For The Caps

Seems like it doesn’t matter how many points the Washington Capitals get in the regular season, when it comes to the playoffs, it’s a whole other matter.

Unless that is, they can come back from a three-game deficit to overcome the Tampa Bay Lightning, which probably isn’t going to happen.

The Caps changed their way of doing things this year, going from an offensive juggernaut to a disciplined, lower-scoring, and conservative team, and the hockey world raved. That’s the way to do it, many said. The Caps will be tough because of their new system, they added. Kudos to coach Bruce Boudreau to recognize their downfalls and fix them, they muttered.

Or something like that.

And once again, it all comes crashing down. Even with a lineup bursting at the seams with stars such as Alex Ovechkin, Mike Green, Nicklas Backstrom, Alex Semin, Jason Arnott, Brooks Laich and more.

Just goes to show that the playoffs has a mind of its own.

Bruce Boudreau is swearing, I’m sure. Maybe even more than he did in the HBO 24/7 segments, which says a lot. Parents probably weren’t all that impressed with Boudreau’s use of language as they grabbed the popcorn and sat down with their little kids to watch these leadups to the Winter Classic, when Boudreau set world records for the amount of F-bombs dropped by one person in just one hour.

But that’s hockey. Toe Blake was once barred from the Forum billiard room for using too much profanity. But at least Toe wasn’t swearing in front of thousands of little kids watching on television.

Washington’s on the verge of collapse and Boudreau could be unemployed very soon. But as they say, coaches are hired to be fired.

Here’s a brief look at a decade of Caps playoff performances;

2010 – Won the President Trophy and lost in the first round to Montreal. (Boudreau coaching)

2009 – Won Southeast Division and lost to Pittsburgh in the second round. (Boudreau coaching)

2008 – Won Southeast Division and lost to Flyers in the first round. (Boudreau coaching)

2007 – Ended up in last place and out of playoffs.

2006 – Last place in Southeast Division and out of playoffs.

2005 – lockout

2004 – Last place and out of playoffs.

2003 – Lost to Lightning in opening round.

2002 – out of playoffs.

2001 – First place in Southeast Division – out in first round.

3 thoughts on “Wrong Time Of Year For The Caps”

  1. Blue Bayou, the sooner this Coyote thing is solved the better. It’s just ridiculous considering there’s a gold mine in Winnipeg. And yes, somebody ro0bbed the Glendale train. Yearsd ago I owned a couple of New Riders of the Purple Sage albums. They were one of the forefathers of the country/rock fusion. But I know you already know that because I have the impression you’re quite a music buff. You should hear Hobo play guitar. He’s one of the best in my book.

  2. Blue Bayou, Tampa absolutely has what it takes to come out of the east. Martin St. Louis is a consistent star unlike so many, and Vincent Lecavalier, one of the league’s best over several years. is playing like he’s been re-born. Plus, I can’t stand the Ruins and the Philthys. Who can?

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