Wouldn’t A Dow Go Good Now?

The Rocket wasn’t just a hockey player, as he once said of himself. He was also a beer rep, doing public relations work for Dow Breweries, which was owned by Carling-O’Keefe when Rocket was involved. I wonder how Molsons felt about that.

Dow would eventually become owned by Molsons in the mid-sixties, but closed shop after several dozen people who had been drinking at least 24 Dows a day suddenly died from heart failure. It was found that Dow contained cobalt sulfate, which apparently isn’t good for your health.

My thinking is, anyone who drinks 24 beers a day, regardless of the brand, might suffer heart failure at some point. I’ve come to this conclusion even though I’m not a doctor.


9 thoughts on “Wouldn’t A Dow Go Good Now?”

  1. I remember that line from time to time, mostly in conjunction with listening to Big Four Football broadcasts in the fifties (I’m old) in Montreal.

  2. Thanks AC. I remember it because I’m old too. Only I don’t remember the Big Four broadcasts. Must have been on that three channel TV we had. Two channels in the beginning and then Global came along. Oh, you said listening.

  3. Big Four Football was The CFL. When I played football as a kid our football league was called Small Four Football with the four teams in the eastern division our teams names.

    The Rocket for awhile owned Clipper Fishing Line & rumour was Richard would put the line on spools in his basement & then distributed to selected stores in Quebec. Remember Clipper Line in Canadian Tire Stores probably after he sold the company……

  4. Martin, it’s true he used to wrap the lines in spools in his basement. Maybe the most legendary player ever, and he had to do that. Rocket’s best salary ever was in the $25,000 range, so he was never a rich man like Scott Gomez. Every once in awhile on eBay one can find Rocket fishing line stuff. I don’t have any but I’ve had the chance.

  5. I like how Dow Brewery put a picture of a smiling cartoon kid holding a case of 24 in the corner of their ad.

    That kid has a striking resemblance to a certain smallish-yet-shifty right winger from the Byer’s Bulldozers.

  6. My dad used to drink 24-36 beers a day. Heart failure isn’t want got him in the end. I don’t even know how he put down that many a day. I’ve been thirsty a time or two but even I can’t drink 24 cans of whatever a day. Yeesh.

    Had the Rocket been alive when Gomez was brought in, I would bet that if the camera panned to him during games we’d see a big look of digust on his face.

    I have read that he was very bitter about salaries (I don’t blame him) but this would have driven him over the edge I think.

    Ah come on October. Apparently we may be finding out who our new coach will be this week. Don’t know if that’s true or not but that seems to be the belief.

  7. Hey Dennis,24 beer a day,thats a lot of beer in one day.I’ve wrestled down 20 at a time or two but a twofour is definately a shitload.

  8. Derry, it happens when one can drink 24 in a day, but every day? That’s the big difference. And imagine the hangover if you’re not used to it.

  9. Darth, your dad was a real beer drinker. That’s a lot for sure.
    Rocket was very bitter about salaries, and bitter about the way he was treated after he retired. They asked him to stay on as ambassador and go to a lot of banquets and all that, but they cut his salary in half. Rocket decided to stay away from the Forum and it was years before he forgave them and came back.

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