7 thoughts on “Wouldn’t A Beer Go Good Here?”

  1. That’s right Dennis you need it way more than he does after putting up with him all these years. Send that little @$$#&!* for a ride on that thing!

  2. remember the moonshine we made at cranberry house back in the day. it definitely would blind you. seemed like it was about 100%. would have gone nicely with a kane’s beer chaser for double blindness…….. hobo stump blower and kane’s really freakin’ strong beer for your dining and dancing pleasure.

  3. Dennis, have a round of beers with Gaston and make nice. You’ll rekindle your friendship by the third brewski.

  4. I remember that moonshine, Hobo. You could hear it making noises in the glass. We put anything we could find into that mash, including cigarette butts.

  5. Diane, with Kane’s Really Freaking Strong Beer, I can’t even imagine the trouble he’d get into.

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