Would Look Great In Any Living Room

I’ve given my son in Calgary quite a few things over the years, including this framed and beautiful 11×14 glossy photo of the 1993 Stanley Cup-winning Habs, autographed by the entire team.

And the autographs aren’t photocopied. These are all original.

I had asked him one day what, of all the stuff I had, did he like the best? He said this picture, so I gave it to him for Christmas about 10 years ago.

6 thoughts on “Would Look Great In Any Living Room”

  1. And Gillis, that’s a pretty happy looking team too. We need to see this again soon. How great would that be? Wow!

  2. I remember it like it was yesterday. We had a big BBQ in the backyard before the game and had friends over. We all just knew we were going to take it in game 5. My sister and I were jumping up and down hugging each other. She moved to California in ’94. Such great memories.

  3. Moey, my problem is, I don’t remember it very well. My first wife and I split up shortly after and my world went crazy for me. So other things kind of trumped the big Cup win. But I recall lots. I remember Denis Savard being interviewed on the ice by Dick Irvin and the Cup was about to be presented so Savard kept trying to get away from Irvin and get back to the festitivites. I remember the McSorley stick measurement. And I remember a big game-winning goal by Eric Desjardins. But so much happened over the next year that my mind short-circuited.

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