Woo Hoo! Habs Shock More Than A Few


Gaston watches as Plekanec fires home the big winner.

The Montreal Canadiens have just proven wrong three-quarters of the hockey world, plus Las Vegas oddsmakers, by winning game one and not bowing out in four straight as so many had thought.

Most are shocked. Everyone but Habs fans. And right now I’m singin “I’m sittin’ on top of the world.”

It was a nervous and overmatched first period for Montreal as the Caps dominated and bombarded Jaroslav Halak, and things weren’t pretty. Analysts sat back, patted themselves on the back, and reminded themselves about how smart they were.

But in the second, although still not pretty, the Canadiens showed signs of life, and by the end of the second, after getting chances and beginning to handle the puck with confidence, those at the game and watching on TV at home and in sports bars everywhere were surely starting to think that maybe this thing could go either way.

It was more of the same in the third, but by this time, Jose Theodore, his teammates, and all those government workers wearing red in the stands, knew they was in a game. Alex Ovechkin still remained asleep, and the Habs were getting chances. Many chances. It was nerve-racking. I was almost ready to start smoking again.

“You can win this, boys” was the rallying call of Habs fans everywhere, and the players themselves.

And they did. Like a magical, mystical moment, Tomas Plekanec in overtime skated in over the Caps blueline and fired a missile past Jose Theodore. I wanted to jump for joy and swing from the chandelier if I had one. But I must remain subdued and passive, calm, collected, and mature. It’s just one game. Just one win.


Random Notes:

The scorers scored and that’s what we need. Mike Cammalleri in the first, Scott Gomez in the third, and Plekanec in overtime.

Jaroslav Halak was fantastic, especially in the first period when Washington was all over the Canadiens. The defence, led by Jaroslav Spacek and Hal Gill, did a big job. But Nicklas Backstrom was dangerous all evening and this needs to be addressed.

Game two Saturday night. I know better than to say anything about this. We’ve already got the first game and at least a split. I’m not saying any more.

Gaston watched the game carefully and was a treat to be with. Usually he’s a bit of an asshole.

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20 thoughts on “Woo Hoo! Habs Shock More Than A Few”

  1. Dennis, who is this Ovechkin everyone keeps talking about? I don’t recall seeing any such player.

  2. The goal reminded me a bit of Stevie Y’s game seven double overtime slapshot goal… okay maybe not as nice, or important but still, it was pretty nice and pretty important.

    I didn’t get to watch the game because I was at lacrosse try-outs where the coaches motto repeated to us through out the night was “Hard work beats talent, when talent isn’t working hard” and meanwhile I was thinking about the habs and whether they had ever this. After practice, I jumped into my car to turn on the radio to “PLEKANEC SHOOTS… SCORES!!!”. I guess the caps never heard that saying before.

    Take that non-habs fans.

  3. Hmm, Ovechkin. The guy on the Caps who didn’t do much. Maybe he’s got a hangover or something. He wasn’t allowed to free-wheel tonight. They were on him. It was Backstrom who caused all the problems.

  4. Gillis, what a saying. I’m trying to memorize it but having a hard time. “Hard work beats talent, when talent isn’t working hard.” Geez. I don’t think I can memorize this. But I’m goona try. Did you make the lacrosse team?

  5. Hahahaha! 3-2 Hahahahahaha! 46 shots! Hahaha! Ovie 0 shots! Hahahaha!
    Boys and girls what we have here is irrefutable proof that there is a God and on some nights he’s a Habs fan. Either that or TLS has found some more mojo! Hahahah….

  6. Dennis, you’ve got to hire Christopher for a big job on the team after you become owner of the Habs. Chris was the one who could see through our late-season slump and who explained Martin’s plan was to jockey for eighth place because he wanted to take on the Caps in the first round.

    Jacques Martin’s brilliant fool-proof strategy to foil Ovechikin and the Caps:


  7. Part way through the second period, you could tell the tide was turning. Was still sitting on the edge of my seat, however. Poor Theodore, that Procepia has been affecting his performance for several years now. I wonder if his bookie family will be laying odds on him.
    BTW, am I the only one who finds it wrong that our CBC station was showing Boston vs. Buffalo? I’m glad I can pay for RDS, but what about those who can’t. There’s something wrong there, and I really don’t care about broadcast rights

  8. Michel, out here on the coast at least, TSN has the rights to the Habs first series, so I watched it on TSN. Wasn’t it on back there?

  9. I’m going to assume it was on TSN as well, but we dropped that package last fall when the wife and I decided to redo our finances. Luckily, I held out for RDS.
    But, as I said,this is the playoffs. If TSN, Sportsnet and CTV can strike up a deal to all broadcast the Olympics, seems to me that they could do the same for hockey.
    Maybe it’s just me.

  10. Danno, definitely Christopher will be employed with a big job. He deserves it, although he did falter once when he thought DJ should rest his lucky shirt. That wasn’t good, but he’s rebounded big time. You’re also in the running for the front office. Oh man, it’s gonna be great.

  11. Michel, I agree with you. It’s a little odd for sure that CBC would show two US teams. It’s actually quite weird. I really feel CBC in particular should show a Canadian team. It’s their duty, isn’t it?

  12. WE played well………. hopefully, the caps forget once again they are a big team physically and must play that way to wear down the little guys…….. nice to see us play better as the game progresses instead of checking out after 45 min.

  13. Dennis, the beauty of this road victory in game one is that the pressure is on THEM now, not us.
    The Caps will be holding on to their sticks with added pressure and I think Pleks somehow got to Theodore. That’s nothing imagine when the Habs come home and Theodore has to put up with chants of “Theeeee ooooohhhhhh, Theeeee ooooohhhhh…” all night long.

    I smell an upset in the making. Plan the parade.

    Thank you Bob Gainey. Lord Stanley’s mug is coming home where it belongs.

  14. From what I understand of the CBC and TSN broadcast deals with the NHL, the CBC only has the rights to pick the first 2 series in the first round, TSN gets the next choice. Unfortunately the CBC chose to broadcast the Ottawa and Vancouver series rather than the best one featuring Montreal.
    Starting in the second round, the CBC automatically gets the rights to all series featuring a Canadian team.

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