10 thoughts on “Wiz And The Boys Take On The Hurricanes”

  1. Hey Dennis,What a gash eh?I count about twelve stitches in there,may be more inside ,I got hit with a puck in the same area years ago,it was only six stitches though.The Wiz is performing just great and I like the addition of Sopel,I liked him when he was a Canuck.I think the defense looks good although the injuries are piling up.I’m looking forward to the game tonite,should be a good one.

  2. Ugh, it’s the blood in the eye that freaks me out.

    The CBC story to the right says no Staal for the Hurricanes, but likely no Price either.

  3. Derry, should be a good one, although not sure if Price is playing. If he’s pretty sick and Auld starts, maybe we’ll see Sanford. I got hit with a fluttering puck above the eye once and there was so much blood it was unbelievable, especially because the puck was going about five miles an hour.

  4. Hey Dennis,I’ve seen where Carey wont be playing but probably in the backup seat.I’m hoping that with Sopel blocking shots maybe Auld can have a good game,maybe the Habs need to stay out of the box eh?I took a skate just below my right eye about thirty years ago,bled a little bit but took alot of stitches to close the cut,those things are sharp.

  5. Derry, what would the Habs do if Price couldn’t play and was so sick and weak he couldn’t even replace Auld if called upon? Shouldn’t Sandford be brought up just for this one reason?

  6. Hey Dennis,Yes you are correct,Auld isnt playing to badly but the Habs are playing better.Auld screwed up on the first goal though.

  7. Hey Dennis,well the refs didnt dictate this game at all,one of the few eh.I was happy with Aulds play,he was steady,let in one weak one but played ok as far as I’m concerned.The Canes missed Staal but the Habs were without Carey so that evened it out.Hey vote for Mackenzie to be Kraft Hockeyville ok,we are in the running.Maybe if everyone who goes to your site could do the same it may help us more.

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