Without Paul Masnick, There’s No Famous Photo.

002 I’ve added another Habs’ Group Two (1944-64)  Bee Hive photo, Paul Masnick, to my collection. All I’ve got to do now is find George Robertson, Frank King, Vern Kaiser and a few others, but it’s tough. The players who skated in the shadows of stars, the non-stars, are the rare and expensive ones when it comes to Bee Hives.

And who is Paul Masnick, you ask? He was a journeyman centre who played in Montreal from 1950 to 1954 before going to Chicago and then Toronto. I can tell you the number on his Habs sweater was 11 from ’51 to ’53, and 8 during the 1953-54 season and I can also tell you he totalled 13 goals and 31 assists during his stint with the Canadiens which didn’t exactly set the league on fire.

In total, he played 161 games with Montreal. And it was because of him, indirectly, that there is a famous photograph.

In game six of the 1952 semi finals, it was Masnick who scored the winner on Sugar Jim Henry off a Doug Harvey rebound. This led to game seven, when the Rocket, coming back on the ice after being bloodied and knocked unconscious, scored the big goal which eliminated Boston and got Montreal into the finals against Detroit.

And it was after this Boston series that Masnick helped win, that the famous photo was taken of Richard and Sugar Jim Henry shaking hands.


6 thoughts on “Without Paul Masnick, There’s No Famous Photo.”

  1. in my opinion this is one of the greatest pictures in hockey history. The story that goes along with it gives me goose bumps, I once head the rocket talk about that goal he scored on a legends of hockey dvd I have and he said the only reason he held on to the puck during that play is because he was so dazed he couldnt tell the two teams apart and didnt want to pass the puck because of it. LEGENDARY!

  2. Wasn’t Elmer Lach that set up Richard for the series winning goal? I have no idea why his number isn’t hanging from the rafters. I saw a video about him on CBC last night and after watching it, I still have no idea why they don’t retire his number. He even talked about it, and how he’s pretty upset that they haven’t asked him about it. It’s sad.

  3. Hi Gillis. When Lach scored that big goal, it was the year after that photo was taken of Sugar Jim Henry band the Rocket, in 1953.
    I saw that CBC thing too, and I completely agree Elmer’s name should be there in the rafters with Henri Richard’s. He was a member of the Punch Line, and you can’t have any better credentials than that.

  4. Hello there,

    One detail to add to your very interesting lines about Masnick.

    You surely noticed that on the 1954 Parkhurst card # 13, that poor Paul Masnick, a «real bulldog on skates» says the text, was replaced by a photo of Floyd Curry !

    Did anyone, anywhere give that info ?
    I gave it on the Feb. 5, 209, on my blog.

    Your Website on the Beehive is just great… I had so many of those pictures, every picture of the 1954 and 1955 Canadien !



    Pardon my poor english.

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