5 thoughts on “Number 99 Had Big Ears”

  1. Except for the pretty young teacher in a skirt, this looks like my grade 2 class photo. Then I remembered Dennis you had a Alfred E. Neuman phase. He even looks a bit like the kid in the picture to the right; a bit scrawnier but a CH adds a lot of toughness. When I saw the year, it ruled us both out. A quick Google for Greenbrier public school shows it to be in Brantford, Gretzky’s home town.
    A whole set for $242. http://www.classicauctions.net/Default.aspx?tabid=263&auctionid=3&lotid=255
    Only $7.40 for this one, 9 available. http://www.ioffer.com/i/1968-WAYNE-GRETZKY-PUBLIC-SCHOOL-GRADE-2-PICTURE-53666421

  2. You’re pretty sharp, Chris. So now I change the title and story slightly. And try to think how to stump you and the others.

  3. Dennis, the Alexander Kharlamov picture really had me stumped. Enough information to get me hunting, but obscure enough that I couldn’t find anything.

  4. Man, flashbacks to grade 3 and the one year I lived in Wpg. That is until Chris mentioned the year and upon closer inspection I realize that while Gretzky was in grade 2(?) I was in grade 5 and attending General Wolfe in CFB Valcartier, and still a couple of years away from discovering hockey and the Mtl Canadiens.

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