With The New Hartley Rumour……..

With the latest rumour being Bob Hartley coming in to coach the Habs, here’s a look at him in a Quebec televison series getting angry with Patrice Brisebois. A big thanks to Danno for giving us this glimpse, albeit acting, of Hartley, who won a Stanley Cup in Colorado with Patrick Roy as his goalie.

You can read about this TV series, which involves Montreal and Quebec and the rivaly the two teams had until the Nordiques left town, here – La serie Montreal-Quebec. Guy Carbonneau is the coach of the Canadiens in this series.


13 thoughts on “With The New Hartley Rumour……..”

  1. I love how they are trying really hard to act as angry as possible but you can tell they are all having a hard time holding back the laughs…

  2. Roy as GM seems a bit of a stretch but Hartley as coach? The guy hasn’t coached in what 10 years? That would probably go as well as when Tampa brought back that guy with the mullet from LA. There is a fine line between being creative and being desperate.

  3. HDS, I’m at work right now and can’t access Facebook, but I know what you mean I think. That design was orginally thought up by Danno, and then my son-in-law in Russia put some fine touches on it. When I post on Facebook and there’s not a photo with the existing post, Facebook for some reason takes that logo, which is halfway down the side, and uses it. It’s cool!

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