With A Forfeit On The Horizon, The Struggles Continue

If the recent game in Ottawa is forfeited to the Senators because the Canadiens used Ryan White for three minutes without informing the league he was being called up from Hamilton, then we’ll have to suck it up, swear a bit, and then toss it aside and continue winning.

A forfeiting would not be a good thing. It was a good old 4-1 thrashing of the Sens, a game where the home team outshot the good guys but like Roy Rogers, the good guys ended up winning and smiling and riding off into the sunset. We can’t forfeit a game. We need every one. Two points is a major hit. We’re on the bubble as far as playoff spots go, and like Danno has pointed out in a previous comment,  the Leafs are coming up fast.

Here’s Gary Bettman’s right-hand man, Bill Daly.

“The Canadiens have an obligation to make a filing with the League office, notifying us (by 5 p.m. ET) that they are adding Ryan White to their active roster,” Daly said. “But they hadn’t done that. So according to our records, he was still an AHL player and wasn’t eligible to play. He was not on that active roster at the time the game started.

“It was a simple filing issue but, obviously, simple filing issues can entail broader concepts under the Collective Bargaining Agreement and problems under the CBA with your cap accounting obligation and active roster, if they were (above) their 23-man limit. That would have been an additional issue, but that wasn’t the case.”

4 thoughts on “With A Forfeit On The Horizon, The Struggles Continue”

  1. I’ve got three stitches in it and had tomato soup for dinner. And I have to go back next week. But thanks for asking.

  2. FWIW, I caught the lad’s mother’s stomach flu, and lost several pounds while sitting on the toilet bowl today.
    The thought of having soup repels me at the moment.

  3. I don’t see the game being forfeited, even with the discretion of the anti-Canadian commissioner. It would be a different story had it been the against Atlanta in the last game of the season where winner is in the playoffs and loser is out.

    I assume teams have to submit a form before the game indicating who will be playing that day and I believe Montreal did that correctly. So I suspect the issues are how was Montreal able to activate an ineligible player and why didn’t the league catch it before the game started. These types of errors should never happen nowadays with everything electronic and networked.

    Montreal has a minor beef too, they were forced to play a man short for most of the game. They may have been able to do something about it if the league had caught the mistake earlier.

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