Wishing And Hoping

Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette has written another fine article Habs remain a rebuilding project in which he talks about the the fact that the Canadiens are still not ready to contend and how it must be hard for those who saw past glory.

He’s right of course. Too many holes – not big enough, weak defence, lack of scoring, not enough to fill four lines etc.

I’m one of those guys who saw past glory. I’ve been alive for eighteen of their twenty four Stanley Cups. I see the difference between then and now.

But regardless. There’s nothing wrong with simply hoping. Hoping that they play over their head, hoping that somehow everything comes together at the right time, they pull off some kind of miraculous playoff run, and they win even though other teams are bigger and better.

That’s how I think every season and it’s too late to stop now.


5 thoughts on “Wishing And Hoping”

  1. Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I know that the day of “The Stanley Cup Parade will take place along the usual route” are dead and buried. That’s just life. However, we have now witnessed two decades of abject futility out of the Habs (since the end of the 1992-1993 season, Montreal has made the conference finals only once, and has generally not advanced past the first round of the playoffs……….in those seasons when it has even made the post-season), a generation of non-competitive hockey out of what is supposed to be the NHL’s glamour franchise (or one of them, anyway). In that time, we have seen seen franchise after franchise capture the Cup, while other franchises have remained consistent threats to win it all every season. I don’t think that a little frustration and yes, even anger, at what has become of the team is unwarranted.

  2. Ian, if you don’t think I’m angry or frustrated, you’re dead wrong. I don’t think anyone’s more frustrated than me, and I’ve hated seeing what we’ve all seen for the past couple of decades. Are you kidding me? No one gets more disappointed or upset than me with what we see on the ice. You’re not telling me anything new when you mention the success or near success of other teams. But I’m never going to stop hoping for a miracle.

  3. No, Dennis, you’re taking what I said wrong. I didn’t mean to suggest that you aren’t frustrated or angry–I would suspect that most Habs fans are by this point. I was speaking more in a general sense, and my comments were directed at the organization.

  4. It’s very disappointing, Ian, that every year we’re still a few years away. It never ends. So I resort to wishing and hoping for some unreal thing like the 2010 Halak playoffs when they miraculously beat both Washington and Pittsburgh. Something like that. How fantastic it would be.

  5. It would be, and you’re exactly right, Dennis. I know that we were spoiled by the Habs’ success until 1993, but in the past two decades, we’ve been paid back in spades with the failures and pratfalls of the team. It’s depressing to think of the Canadiens as being ‘just another team”, but in many (most?) ways, that’s what they are now. From what I am reading, there isn’t much in Hamilton, at least in terms of help at the forward position, either, so the current situation is not likely to change anytime soon.

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