Winter Classic Drizzle

A few things stood out as I watched the Winter Classic in the wee hours when most of you were nestled all snug in your beds.

It’s too bad they can’t think of some way to fill up that vast empty space that surrounds the ice. It looked like the rink had a moat around it. The front row of seats seemed at least fifty feet away. Maybe seventy-five.

It’s pretty bad when the front row is the beginning of the nosebleeds.

Playing in the rain isn’t always great for the health, and do you think the league would continue doing these Winter Classics if Sidney Crosby got pneumonia and ended up in the hospital?

I also thought about the poor souls up in the last rows. How could these people really get into the game when the players look like fleas shuffling about in a flea circus? And these fans paid serious dough for their ducats. Enough to buy a large, flat screen TV to watch the thing indoors instead.

Or about the same amount as taking a couple of dozen of your closest friends to a nearby sports bar and paying for all the beer and wings as you watch the game with lovely waitresses serving you.

It was a decent contest at least, with the Caps beating the hometown Penguins 3-1, and at least the fans way, way, way up sort of got their money’s worth. I was a little disappointed, though, with Dan Bylsma’s fedora. He was wearing a Sam Snead-type with a small brim and I prefer the 1930’s Chicago gangster style.

All in all though, as much as it had its moments, I’d rather watch the thing dryer and cheaper. And most of all, the seats are just too far away for me.

7 thoughts on “Winter Classic Drizzle”

  1. Dennis, the spectacle was diminshed by slushy, soggy conditions brought about by a combination of global warming and the non-stop salty tears of Sidney Crosby raining down upon the ice surface.

  2. I kept thinking I had mistakenly switched over to the Weather Network. The conditions got almost as much pimping as Ovechicken and Crosbaby. I thought the whole thing was hideously boring, and I missed a really good show of watching some high quality paint drying instead. I want those 3 hours of my life back now please, Buttman.

    But I like Bylsma’s hat. He’s so cute! Squeeeeeeeee!

  3. if only mr. buttman had the presence of mind to hold the outdoor winter classic outdoors in that hockey mad city of glendale az. where it doesn’t rain and paint dries faster and bylsma could wear his speedo and a pair of flip flops and crysbaby’s tears would evaporate befor they hit the ice, i mean pool………

  4. And they were lucky it was just some rain, Tyg. One of these years it’s going to be a weather disaster. They’re playing Russian Roulette with this thing.

  5. Danno, we wait now for pneumonia reports. And maybe they like the 70,000 fans idea so much that they’ll start building arenas that hold that much. Can you imagine?

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