Winnipeg Will Get The Thrashers

What’s more important than anything the Boston Bruins manage to do at this time? Almost everything in fact, but especially the upcoming official announcement that the Atlanta Thrashers will indeed be moving to Winnipeg.

Stephen Brunt of the Globe and Mail has the breaking news right here –  Thrashers Moving To Winnipeg.

It’s a feel-good story for everyone except the five or six Thrashers fans who wanted the team to stay put.

3 thoughts on “Winnipeg Will Get The Thrashers”

  1. Hey Dennis,The Jets have returned,about time eh.Jim Balsilie must be some pissed off,hopefully he can get a team eventually.The Jets shoulkld have never left Winnipeg,thats two teams to have left Atlanta in the last 30 years eh,I wonder if they will try again in the future.Games on gotta go.

  2. i don’t want to let the air out of the jets balloon but i’m sure the head turd ( we don’t call him buttman for nothing) will think of some way or excuse to derail the thrasher train headed for winterpeg.

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