Winnipeg Gets A Team And I Get My Site Back

I’m apparently back up and running after being down for more than twelve hours and I apologize to anyone who might have tried to get on my site and couldn’t. If this would have went in to Wednesday and still not up, I might have  considered sacrificing my computer to the landfill gods.

I haven’t a clue what the problems are. I come from the typewriter generation.

Congratulations to Winnipeg for officially landing the Atlanta franchise. Gary Bettman says he’s happy, and because this is a free society, we can believe him or not.

Are they going to call the team the Jets? Maybe they could combine Thrashers and Jets and call them the Threats!




3 thoughts on “Winnipeg Gets A Team And I Get My Site Back”

  1. The hockey gods are smiling and when happy they, like the rest of us, want to read
    Quick Dennis, copyright the name Winnipeg Threats, David Thompson can afford a billion or two to buy it from you.

  2. Not wanting to upstage hockey in Winnipeg, the Canadiens are holding back on announcing that Gill has signed for one more year.

  3. the winnipeg threats are now my second favorite nhl team much to the disapproval of mr. badman.

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