Winning The Game Means Shutting The TV Guys Up

It’s just one game. One measly game. But at the risk of sounding overly-excited, I’m overly-excited. It’s a big, beautiful game-one win against the Washington Capitals, the team lounging in the luxury penthouse, picking at their caviar, and in their leisure time chewing up the Habs who dwell in an unfurnished basement suite.

We can’t get carried away but we can feel a warm glow overhead for 48 hours or so. Who knows what game-two will bring? Alex Ovechkin might finally get a shot on goal and the Caps roll over Montreal like lava from an Icelandic volcano. It could be the game when Washington comes out, clobbers the Habs, and creates enough momentum to take the DC club all the way to the promised land.

It could be. But maybe not.

Montreal has known all along that they can beat this team. They’ve known it and their fans have known. It’s just the rest of the hockey world that hasn’t clued in. It’s all about great goaltending and scorers scoring, and that’s where Jaroslav Halak, Mike Cammalleri, Scott Gomez, and Tomas Plekanec come into the picture. They did exactly what was needed to be done, and when that happens, the team looks good. Even though Washington dominated for the first third of the game.

A game-one win is such an important win, as we all know. Especially in the enemy’s barn. Things just got a little more even, the Canadiens have just a little more confidence, and like Danno says, the Caps will be holding their sticks just a little tighter.

And although Alex Ovechkin didn’t play well, Nicklas Backstrom did, and the Swede needs to be dealt with. That’s the problem with trying to stop a team with great depth. Get Ovechkin under control and others take his place. It’s like bacteria.

But right now, we’re allowed to feel good. Feel great. The Habs had lost eight straight playoff games before this. And best of all, as the game progressed last night, the TSN guys – Pierre McGuire and James Duthie and the rest of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, slowly but surely stopped reminding us that the Washington Capitals are amazing and the Habs suck the big one. It was only Craig McTavish who kindly pointed out that Montreal were starting to create chances and could win the thing. Everyone else thought the Canadiens should be in the ECHL.

And then there’s Darren Dutchyshen, who proclaimed after the second period when the Habs were coming on – “It’s a shooting gallery out there.” At that time, shots on goal were 27-20 for Washington, which was far from a shooting gallery. It’s the first time I’ve hurled loud four-letter words at Darren Dutchyshen, someone I usually pay very little attention to.

So many times this year I’ve wished these guys would shut up about how they feel about the Habs, and I’m almost at the point of pressing the mute button when the games begin. But who knows? Another win and maybe they’ll even say a couple of nice things here and there about the guys who are too small and stand no chance.

I’m just not holding my breath on that one.

16 thoughts on “Winning The Game Means Shutting The TV Guys Up”

  1. Dennis, can you imagine if we take them again tomorrow night? Imagine the reception they will get at the Bell Centre for game three. Imagine the confidence and the momentum building and where it will all lead to…

    Sure, it’s one game at a time, but could it be the Caps have been severely overated compared to our lowly bunch of lunchbox carriers?

    But wait. I don’t want to get too cocky just yet, I might upset this guy…

  2. Danno, I read a couple of things from Washington papers and suddenly, the Habs are more important than they were a few days ago. And somebody wrote in to a question and answer thing about what “Habs” means and the answer was, “It’s short for Habitants, which is French for “Canadian.”

  3. Hey Dennis, this one gave me goosebumps then it made me laugh my @ss off at the end. It’s by Youtuber Dave Woods:

  4. Very true SDK, very true. The CotU-based media will do everything they can to slag our Habs, then all of a sudden, the Habs are better than these so-called experts claim. They aren’t hockey fans.

  5. Hey, Moeman! Yeah, it almost seems like they have an agenda for their ratings. Like having Ovechkin against Crosby again, or Ovechkin in the finals or whatever. They sure don’t seem to like the Habs and the only way we can shove it to them is to win.

  6. Hello again Dennis et al. Helluva game last night. The way we shut down Ovie was magical. Its only one game but it was better than expected. Enjoy it because the pressure comes back in Mtl. The commentator who bugs me the most is Mike Milbury. I hate his tone and his passion to see the habs lose. Plekanec’s goal will be in the minds of all Wash. players. I doubt Theo will be back. We need Halak but the confidence is the key. With confidence comes energy and we have the right mixture. Wash. does not seem as much of a team as Mtl. It seems everyone dominates us early. Our best comes after the first period. I don’t think this team has reached it’s full potential. Imagine if they raise their home game to a new level, a level that can challenge any other team I think. Could be a magical year. Enjoy each game people, we deserve this feeling.

  7. And one more thing. All these TSN people have Twitter accounts. Get an account and twitter them directly. I tried finding Milbury but he’s a troglodyte and likely doesn’t do IT. Tell these clowns where to go.

  8. Mayo, great comments. And great to see your name again. You add a lot for sure. Milbury? I’m with you. He’s a loudmouth and he hates the Habs. A bad combination. I like your idea of twittering these guys. I’m going to do it, I just have to figure out their addresses. I’d love to tell them what I think. Thanks, Mayo. Go Habs.

  9. i’ll be golfing tomorrow at crown isle but will record the game and watch later. I have a good feeling. Either way it will be a close game. I hope we win. Don’t let the commentators throw you off. They’re too focused on the 33 point differential. They’re not passionate like us. Thanks for the twitter addresses. That will help. Good luck tomorrow.

  10. i have no tv. i listen to the cjad feed with rick moffat and murray wilson out of montreal……… it harkens back to the days when we were kids listening to our cheap radios under the covers when we were supposed to be sleeping. on some clear winter nights the reception was surprisingly clear and we would pull in distant out of town games………… i sure don’t miss those tv assholes. even guys who know some thing try too hard to make show.
    kick some capital ass boys!

  11. Hobo, I remember listening to the Habs in Chicago on probably Sunday nights. For some reason, I could get Chicago from Orillia on some nights. I remember the Hawks announcer Johnny Gottslieg, who was an ex-player, and he was the biggest homer. He used to call the Hawks by their first names. “And Bobby passes it over to Stan, Stan gets it back to Pierre etc.” It really upset me. I didn’t like Gottslieg. Listening to hockey on the radio can be a really neat thing and good for you for going this route. But you’re missing a lot of reality shows.

  12. that’s right !!! i forgot about that guy…… he was a knob…… when the house is finished i’ll have 4 tv’s……….. not sure if i’m looking forward to that. once you go some time without a tv every one on it looks and sounds ridiculous.

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