Win The Rocket And More In This First Contest Of The Year!!!

There were a bunch of contests on this site last year and they were great fun.  And the prizes were good too, like gift certificates and such, donated by various companies.

But I’m kicking things off by giving away treasures that belong to me, that you can put in your rec room, or give away as Christmas presents.

All you have to do is comment on any story on my blog and each time you do, I’ll put your name in my fedora, pick one out in a couple of weeks from now, and all these prizes will go to one lucky person. And each time you comment your name goes in again so you can have multiple chances.

You can win:

A cherished Maurice Richard Beehive photo from the 1944-64 series. (original – not a copy)

A lineup page from a Powell River Kings-South Surrey Eagles game with Scott Gomez #11.

A beautiful glossy 5×7 overhead shot of Canada and Russia during the national anthem of the Canada Cup in 1987 in Hamilton.

A sticker from the Toronto Toros from the early days of the World Hockey Association.

A 1993 Montreal Canadiens Stanley Cup mini-towel.

Russian hockey book from Moscow 1987. (So what if you can’t read it, it still makes sense in many ways).

Two Habs banners from Labatts – one in package and one out.

1973 Sport magazine with Ken Dryden on cover plus story inside.

2000 World Hockey Championships official magazine from St. Petersburg, Russia.

27 thoughts on “Win The Rocket And More In This First Contest Of The Year!!!”

  1. Dennis…why are you downsizing? It is true that you have way too much stuff but… has there been an intervention? Kelly asks “Is everything ok?”

  2. Everything’s fine, Jan. But I’m old and need to thin things out a bit. And who better to give it to than readers?

  3. Dennis you’re downsizing and I’m collecting! I have the perfect shelf in my den to house all my new treasures! Count me in. I’ll be commentating so much you’ll get sick of me!

  4. Great prizes! Gotta love anything to do with Canada-Russia!

    Been wondering – what do you think about the way Martin has been using Eller? (at least up until last night -hopefully he keeps getting chances with G&G!) Sorry if you already discussed it and I missed it!

  5. Thanks Danny. Eller’s just finding his way now. He’s in the big time now, a handful of games in St.Louis doesn’t count, now it’s for real. I think he has lots of upside, I love his skating and heads-up play, and I think he should be on a line with scorers who he can get the puck to. But it’s so early. Maybe he will or won’t be great but we need him to be so the Halak trade doesn’t stink so much. Somebody said the other day on TV that the Halak trade might be one of most lop-sided in history. But that’s a pretty big statement and we’ll see. C’mon Eller.

  6. Dennis,

    To save you paying endless amounts of air freight, I’ll just get a container dropped on your drive. Let me know when it’s full.

    I’ve shelled out to get ESPN player, so for the first time in my life I can watch every game without staying up ’til god knows what hour. To my untrained eye Plekanec and Kostitsyn really look the part and I think you’re right about Eller, he does have some moments every game, but I guess it’s hard to adjust to 3rd or 4th line when you’ve come up as a real prospect when a youngster. If he’s willing to do the work, you just hope the coaching and support is there to bring him on.

  7. Danno, I know, it’s terrible. I saw it earlier on the news and even Orr was laughing on the bench afterwards. Damn Leafs. Hey, I think the Habs are on TSN tonight. Imagine.

  8. Way to go, Blue Bayou. I think you’re quickly becoming the most knowledgeable fan in the UK. You’re absolutely right – Plekanec and Kostitsyn have been great, but it’s not enough. Time for Gionta and Gomez and a few others to pick it up. And with Markov back on the weekend, the Canadiens are about to make serious dents. And good luck with the contest. You should’ve been around last year when we had a beauty of a “Leafs Suck” contest. I also think I’m going to do several this year using lots of my stuff as prizes so folks will have more than one shot at winning. Anyway, again, good luck. And Go Habs!

  9. I agree that we as fans desperately need Eller to succeed – but don’t you think that unless he’s getting the minutes with G&G that his growth, and his eventual success would be best served by first line minutes with the Bulldogs, rather than playing 3-4min a game with Darche, and Boyd? Of course this is all moot if he seizes this chance to be the 6th top 6 forward we so desperately need…

  10. Dennis, nothing brings out the Boston fans like a contest with prizes!!! Put me down for the Dryden magazine.

    Any chance Gaston will be in the mix at some time?

  11. You could be right, Danny. Him going to Hamilton never really entered my mind but if he doesn’t do a whole lot in the next little while, maybe it’s the smart thing to do. I’d just love to see him score tonight. We need a big contribution from everybody. And we don’t want his confidence to wane. But I think he’s going to be fine. It’s just a big adjustment.

  12. Dennis, I see you now have an ad for Sports Jerseys Canada for officially licensed NHL RBK Jerseys.

    The one on the right is exceptionally beautiful and should remain. However, those other two have got to go. Especially that ugly thing in the middle.

    Could you talk to those SJC ad people please?

  13. Denis,

    Was wondering, what’s your take on Benoit Pouliot. I think he needs to be given a chance to with the GG line, and for Martin to be patient.

    I sense that Martin takes a “break them down and build them back up” mentality with most young forwards, like the Army does with its young soldiers, as a way of teaching them defensive responsibility. If they learn the lesson, they get more ice time. If they don’t, they languish. And I guess on paper that seems fine, and judging by Pouliot’s hitting and hustle, it might work, except Pouliot was never meant to be a third line player. Wouldn’t it be great if he spent more time learning how to put the puck in the net?

    Great Blog. I myself am hoping for the ’73 magazine cover.


  14. Hi Patrick. Thanks for this. I’ve been very hard on Pouliot many times but if he just starts living up to expectations I’ll become a big fan. But I’m not holding my breath. He did very little in Minnesota and very little so far with the Habs. Is he one of these guys who are brilliant juniors but for some unknown reason just can’t get it done in the bigs? Maybe his is. But I also don’t mind your take that Martin should be a little more patient, and that Pouliot should play alongside some real gunners. I’s amazing how a few goals can get someone going. But in general, he’s been a disappointment. He seems to have all the tools but something’s wrong. Good luck on the contest. And don’t forget, all ten prizes will be yours if you win.

  15. Hi Danno. You’re absolutely right. It’s a blemish on the blog to have the enemy jerseys there. I just don’t know what to do. White-out?

  16. Well Dennis, at least the enemy jerseys are for Canadian teams. I would shudder if it was for the Anaheim Ducks or Coyotes.

  17. Yeah but it’s still the Leafs, Diane. It’s almost sacrilege to have anything Leafs on a Habs blog. I must be getting old.

  18. This is truly a very generous and priceless giveaway.

    Good for you Dennis! This’ll definitely give you some good karma

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