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I’m starting another little contest here, with prizes available to three people. The gift packs, compliments of Scotiabank, include a Reebok hockey jersey, a toque, a bag, and a water bottle.

You’re not going to have to do much to be entered into this. I’m just going to compile names of anyone commenting on any post here and then pick one from a hat. It’s the old “pick a name from a hat” thing. I’ve done it before. Works well!

I’ll keep track for a couple of weeks, pick the three names, and maybe you’ll get it in time for Christmas! (Please note: winners will have to give me a mailing address to get the stuff shipped to you).

Scotiabank has become highly involved with hockey and its fans over the past few years, their High Five contest on Facebook is a good example, and are giving away tickets to games and a grand prize of a VIP All-Star weekend adventure. Now they’re giving me three prizes to give to three people in helping make aware their big contest.

So if you feel the urge to enter the big contest to win the game tickets, just go to their ScotiaHockeyClub Facebook page, click “like” and enter. Easy as pie.

So the bottom line is, to win one of three hockey jersey etc. gift packs, you only have to make a comment on any post on my site.

To enter into ScotiaHockeyClub’s big contest involving the All-Star game, the explanation, as sent to me, involves:

Every goal their team scores is an entry if the login to Facebook and high five is within 10 minutes of the goal. Also, within 12 hours of the game ending there is an opportunity for an additional high five win or lose. Note that people have to “like” ScotiaHockeyClub on Facebook to take
part and this is only open to Canadian residents (though they can support any NHL team).
All the details on how to play and rules and regs are in the menu at the bottom of the app

The contest runs until Jan 6th. We’ve been giving away a pair of NHL tickets a week and everyones’s entries are also counted towards the big prize – a VIP trip to the All-Star Game.


15 thoughts on “Win Some Stuff!”

  1. Just a short note to say hi from the East & maybe win something. I’m hoping for a Gomez Voodoo doll !

  2. Love the column, makes me happy to know there are others with this Habs habit. Amazingly, our guys, in spite of their mediocre play, are very much in the thick of it! Just think what will happen when we’re healthy!

  3. Mike McKim, it is amazing, and full credit to our inexperienced defence. I just can’t wait to see a healthy team. (whenever that is). Thanks.

  4. Dennis,

    Nice pic of Doug Harvey and his son Doug Jr. Doug senior was my favorite Hab growing up.

    All the best,

  5. Thank you, John. Doug was a special player and a special man, and one of my biggest regrets is that I lived in Ottawa when Doug was living at the racetrack across the river in Hull, in John Diefenbaker’s old train car, and I never went to visit him. I don’t know why I didn’t. To hear his stories would have been wonderful.

  6. Marc, I’m just one of many. The bottom line for me is, if you’re paid 7 million, you have to help the team.

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