Win One, Lose One Etc

Not too many big chunks of yellow on the Scientific Habs Information Tracking System (SHITS) lately, just a lot of “win, lose, win, lose”, and the boys are going to have to smarten up.

Because as you can see (hopefully), they’re coming up against some good teams in the near future, and if they aren’t careful, they could even find themselves in a bit of a pickle, with the Rangers, Philadelphia, and Toronto breathing down their neck.

Heck, making the playoffs isn’t even a given.

C’mon Habs. Give us some more yellow.


11 thoughts on “Win One, Lose One Etc”

  1. They’ve gone back from being an attacking team to being a Jacques Martin, passive resistance team.

  2. Can someone please explain to me why it is that if Therrien shows the slightest increase of emotions behind the bench everyone is ready to judge him as being an emotional coach and therefore unfit as a coach whereas someone like Tortetella who has demonstrated a few days ago to be a complete lunatic –never mind he was reacting to an unfair Hartley strategy– gets away with his lunacy without judgement by fans, bloggers, announcers? Yes, the NHL suspended him without pay, which I think is right, but no one calls him out. I just don’t get the contradiction.

    Can you imagine a coach attempting to enter the opposite team’s dressing room? What was he planning on doing? Beating up a few players? The guy is certifiable nuts. He’s out of control. Could you imagine the grief Thereien would have gotten if if we’re him?


  3. Completely valid points, Marjo. Although I don’t think people come down hard on Therrien for being emotional, it’s more of the way he’s treated P.K and the way he continues to use underachievers on a regular basis that upsets many. I have no desire to weigh in on Tortorella, although since the day he was hired in Vancouver, I’ve been waiting for him to lose it and he finally did. I’m much more concerned about the mediocre play of our guys and how the team is starting to gradually slip down the standings.

  4. Dennis, my rant was more in reference to his emotional days in Pittsburgh and when we were looking for a new coach many were worried that he would be the same. He’s somewhat on a short leash here and anytime he comes close to displaying what may be perceived as excessive emotions, it’s mentioned on the airwaves. It’s ironic because the coach before him (JM) was, in the eyes of many, lacking any kind of emotion.

    And yes, we are slipping. The up and down thing is a concern. What does this mean? This is a symptom of what? Is there chemistry in the locker room? They give me the impression of not being happy. Just a feeling.

  5. After JM, I couldn’t wait for a more emotional coach and I don’t understand why people on the airwaves would have a problem with that. The problem should be how he’s been treating the players and whether he’s losing the room, which very well might be the case. There’s some bad signs now with our team. When we saw how well they looked against Chicago, it perked us up, but it was short-lived. I think all Habs fans should be very concerned with what’s going on right now. Wednesday will be very interesting.

  6. DK & Marjo, I agree with what you are both saying Tort’s is a bully & an asshole but I also wonder why some none performers are afforded ice time when not earned. I’m not saying lets turn the clock back 30 or 40 years, lord knows the players were treated like crap, but if you didn’t put out you were gone. There are some dandies down in Hamilton which I’m sure would put more of a game face on than some of these over paid prima-donnas still getting ice time! Wasn’t the Gomer time with us enough of a lesson??

  7. Ian, spot on, I cringed when we got a lead with JM. I wish the Scotty Bowman tactic of go with your skill & speed, the best defense is an attacking offence, if your in their end of the ice it’s darn hard for them to score a goal. I think he took out a page from Toe’s game plan!

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