Will Jacques Wave His Arms?

Of course you’re sick of hearing about my computer troubles, so I’ll just mention one last little piece of info that might bore you to tears but I’ll take the chance:

Today I pick up my brand spanking new shiny and mint computer, and hopefully my heart will now stop beating faster than a Ginger Baker drum solo.

Up and running soon daddio! Really soon.

Habs in Phoenix and I’ve read that Scott Gomez will make the trip and may even play. Why, I haven’t been this excited since Guy Lafleur and Ken Dryden announced that they would return after contract disputes.

Ray Whitney plays for Phoenix. I only mention this because he used to be a stick boy (in Edmonton).

Questions linger:

Can the Habs win this game?

Can they score on the power play?

Can they score?

Will Scott Gomez score before Easter?

Will Phoenix have a full house?

Will most fans be wearing shorts and tank tops?

Will Jacques Martin be fired if his team loses?

Will Jacques Martin wave his arms and yell at some point?

Will the Canadiens continue to take silly penalties?

Will I like my new computer?

Will I get in shit for writing this at work?


4 thoughts on “Will Jacques Wave His Arms?”

  1. Will he wiggle his ears back and forth – thus eliminating the need for air conditioning in the arena?

    Will he go bananas and start use the red pen instead of his blue pen when he scribbles in his note pad?

    Will he jam his hands forcefully into his pockets as our skilled players get gooned and the refs look the other way?

    Stay tuned.

  2. Well we won and your man Gorges got the game winner. Kind of a blah game though. At least for me it was. The place was “packed” and I’d bet there were more Habs fans there than Coyote fans. Would you believe they showed a couple actually leaving when it was 2-2 with about 5 minutes to play? Hello people!

    On the radio here the said Gomez was cleared to play but wasn’t put in the line-up. This is getting some people’s eyebrows perked up. Probably doesn’t mean a thing but it was interesting to think about the possibilities of him actually being benched.

  3. Hi Darth. It was the kind of game where you wish you hadn’t paid huge scalpers prices. Although in Phoenix, there might not be huge scalpers prices. At least it was two points, but I don’t think it’s anything to get enthusiastic about just yet. I’d like to see them put together at least another 4 game winning streak. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

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