5 thoughts on “Will Hal Do The Triple Lutz Next Year?”

  1. DK, remember way back when TO traded Doug Jarvis to us for Dave Dunn, & old HB said it was a good trade . Well I read at the time the Laff’s had an open practice with young Kids in to see their heros & one yelled out hey look Dunn can almost skate backwards !! Maybe those two could see who could skate period ?
    From the East Cheers !

  2. If it wasn’t for Hal, we would have lost to the Leafs! (He got Montreal’s third goal in the second period – and we ended up needing it to stay alive)
    Yeah, he is a long-legged galoot and he takes the dumbest penalties at the worst times, but he helped us beat the Leafs.
    Hard to hate the guy now eh?

  3. Just to add to the above, just anounced – Hal Gill is off with an upper body injury.
    Also, Carey Price will be in the nets.
    The Thrashers have a very hot Czech goalie by the name of Ondrej Pavelec. He was strong against the CH during the last encounter.
    In his last start the 22 year-old stopped a total of 50 shots – letting in only one in the Thrashers win over the Senators.

  4. Doug Jarvis for Dave Dunn…that is a good memory but one I for one have forgotten for obvious reasons …. Another OT loss for Leafs to TB

    oh well … life marches on

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