Wild And Wacky Win

It sure wasn’t pretty, but somehow, after the dust had settled, the Canadiens found themselves with a 4-3 shootout win in Newark against a solid New Jersey Devil squad that is probably still shaking their heads.

Like us.

With the clock rapidly winding down, I started getting up from the couch to head to the computer to babble nonsense for a couple of uninspired minutes and then hit the sack so I’ll be fresh to give my usual 145% at work tomorrow.

But before I could even unhinge my creaky knee bones, the Habs tied it with mere seconds left and took it to a shootout where they won yet another game, their 7th in the last eight outings.

Once again it wasn’t pretty, but the two points are. And you should hear my knees crack when I get up from the couch.

The Canadiens had opened the scoring in the first period when Brian Gionta converted a nice Daniel Briere pass, and the score remained just that through the second and into the third.

And through most of everything, the Devils were the much better team, but Peter Budaj was shutting the door when called upon.

But then a Devil shot surprised everyone on the ice as it made its way through to the back of the net, and the game was suddenly tied.

Midway in the third, Michael Ryder put his team up 2-1, and it was that old sinking feeling. It would be tough to rebound against a tight checking and disciplined Devils team who could taste it.

Then it all went nuts.

With 3:50 left, Lars Eller tied it up, and overtime seemed a sure bet.

But as horrible as could be, with all the talk about P.K. Subban not always being trustworthy enough to be chosen for Canada’s Olympic team, our guy suddenly lost the puck near his own net, and the Devils, with just 1:06 remaining, once again took the lead and this is where Luci went to the kitchen and I got up to move to the computer.

Then we sat right back down. Because 27 second later, with just 37 seconds left on the clock, David Desharnais deflected the puck and overtime was once again a sure bet.

Overtime proved scoreless and the game went to a shootout, and with goals from Eller and DD, the team overcame a bunch of odds, grabbed a couple of points, and very shortly need to refocus on the task ahead, which is the Boston Bruins on Thursday night.

Random Notes:

Seeing P.K. cough up the puck like that wasn’t good game-wise, and it wasn’t good Olympic-wise either. But this sort of thing happens in hockey games. Pucks are lost off sticks. But next time, P.K., please try to be more careful.

Brandon Prust took on Cam Janssen in the first frame after the Devils player had rammed Alex Galchenyuk hard in the boards. It was an even fight, and also one of the longer ones you’ll ever see.

New Jersey outshot the Canadiens 34-30.

There sure were a lot of empty seats at the Prudential Center. Imagine going to see the Habs and being able to sit front and centre, or choose anywhere you like. It’s never happened in my lifetime. Any Habs game I’ve ever been at have been sold out affairs.

Bruins on deck, waiting in Montreal, getting pissed drinking Pink Ladies.




11 thoughts on “Wild And Wacky Win”

  1. P.K. hung his head after THE giveaway– but NOT his pride and passion. He sure was jumping when DD got the goal with 37 secs left. That smells of a team to me. Boston may be in for a surprise! No they won’t— Bruins know Habs are for real at present . Enjoy your day folks. I will!!

  2. I really wanted the Habs to get two points last night because I am nowhere near as confident about getting two tonight. Why does it seem as though whenever the Habs play on back-to-back nights, the other team almost always has had the night before off?

  3. We’re hot and EVERYONE is contributing. Gotta admit thought, DD, that one-dimensional player, the one most wanted to send to the dogs, has found his mojo and maybe more. My new hero.

    On to the Bruins we go. Question is, do they dress up Parros and risk breaking up a pretty solid 4th line? I wouldn’t if it were me. The guys will be tired; no need to get physically and emotionally drained. The key will be to play disciplined and avoid penalties.

  4. Hi Marjo, a bit of a weird schedule. The Bruins haven’t played since Sat. and the Habs are on something like 7 games in 9 nights. I might put Parros in and sit White. And Douglas Murray instead of Bouillon. I’d also like to see Gallagher get going going a bit more than he has lately. But what a great stetch for the team. It’s awesome.

  5. They’re gonna be tired Ian, but they’re young and have some serious adrenaline going right now. I’m hoping they can plow through this stretch nicely and then have a good rest. They need to play smart against Boston. And win.

  6. That was quite a final few minutes, Peter. This is why hockey can be so cool. (As long as it’s the right team who wins. Otherwise, it’s not so cool). Gotta nail those Bruins tonight.

  7. I don’t think he does a lot of that anymore, James. And when I saw the replay, it was a very subtle type of slew foot. But it worked and it helped lead to a big goal.

  8. Damn your Habs look good I say with envy…

    P.K Subban has frigging Super Hero powers ….

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