WikiPelletier. Serving Up A Good Cup Of Joe. (And I Want That DVD)

Joe Pelletier is quite a guy. He’s got these excellent hockey sites, all dealing with different hockey topics. He’s a wealth of information. And his hot one right now is all about upcoming Montreal Canadiens books you might want to ask your cheapskate kids to get for you for Christmas.

Plus, he tells us about a dvd to die for.


It’s like Wikipedia over at Joe’s site. Only you learn more.


New Habs books will be in abundance this, the team’s one hundreth year, and Joe gives us a rundown of some of them. And maybe most exciting of all, he tells about the dvd to be released soon which will show 10 of the top Canadiens games ever. You can be sure the New Years Eve game in 1975 against the Red Army team will be there.

And I’m really anxious to find out what other games will be featured. I suppose there’s a good chance Don Cherry’s big Boston “too many men” blunder just might be there too. And it’s my dream to see a 1950’s Habs game in its entirety with the Rocket in fine form, all in perfect quality. But I’m sure that’s too much to ask.


Here’s the link to get the lowdown.


And while I’m at it, here’s all of Joe’s sites, including an excellent one that’s close to my heart dealing with the 1972 Canada-Russia Summit Series. And his Greatest Hockey Legends site has pretty well everything you’ve ever wanted to know about everything.


And not only that but Joe has me listed in his top ten best hockey blogs. I gotta buy him a cup of Joe for that.

2 thoughts on “WikiPelletier. Serving Up A Good Cup Of Joe. (And I Want That DVD)”

  1. Dennis,
    I stumbled onto this site thru Joe’s top-10 blogs… so far, I LOVE what I see.

    You can bet I’ll be here quite a bit over the next week checking up on what I’ve missed.

  2. Hey, welcome aboard, Bryan! If you stay here for awhile, you’ll notice a little family coming out of the woodwork. Guys and gals who’ve stuck with me throughout. There’s definitely disfunction in the family, but isn’t there in all families? But regardless, they’re all over the place, and they all know their stuff.

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