Why Two Huge Signing Bonuses?

Can someone explain to me why Zach Parise is asking for a $12 million signing bonus this year, and then another $12 million signing bonus next year? This, along with whatever amount of millions he’ll be paid in his contract?

Two $12 million signing bonuses? Is this pure greed, is it a way of getting around things, or am I missing something?

5 thoughts on “Why Two Huge Signing Bonuses?”

  1. I don’t understand signing bonuses period. Even at the lowest end, a guaranteed half million dollar contract should be enough of a bonus.

    But in the end I don’t think Parise’s bonus will affect his overall total which will be approaching $100M. I think the bonus will only front load the contract in a more CBA friendly way. I think it will eliminate the nearly bankrupt Devils from contention.

  2. Chris, I thought about having it as past of the contract somehow, but then I wondered why it isn’t done all the time. So I’m a bit confused.

  3. I’m fairly sure it is counted against the cap, spread out across its entire term. Most teams don’t scam the salary cap, and pay each year the same. The Devils got info big trouble with Kovalchuk’s contract, Vancouver didn’t get into trouble over Loungo’s contract, but it was a similar cheat, and there have been others. Maybe a huge signing bonus like this will be the new loophole.

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