Why Some People Drink


Got my car license switched from B.C. to Quebec today. It only took four hours. Not counting the previous two-hour car inspection, the insurance crap, and the 400 bucks the switch cost.

I haven’t been through this much bullshit since I ran around St. Petersburg, Russia, getting papers in order so my wife and I could get married.

I was ready to pull the pin today. Get in the car, and drive back to the West Coast. I can’t handle the bureaucracy. I’m too old for this.

I did everything they asked. I got my car inspected a couple of weeks ago. I began the insurance steps. I made an appointment for 10:30 today in which they’d previously told me to bring proof of residence and ID, but when I got there this morning the guy said he needed more. He said he needed my passport. He needed proof of employment. He needed more proof of residency. What’s he think, I was living in a tent?

I’ll give all of them proof. Proof my boot fits up their ass.

So I left my appointment, drove home, got my passport, printed up my cell phone bill for proof of residency, then drove 25 km. to work to get a letter saying I worked there, then drove back to the license place, whereupon I presented myself at 1 pm and he said he’d see me at 1:15, even though no one was in line.

Then a customer showed up and was promptly served ahead of me, and I finally got to see this dude an hour later.

On top of everything, he said I have a class 1 and I’d now need a medical and have to take a driving examination, which I declined because I have no intentions of ever driving tractor-trailer again, and I promptly got rid of my class 1 with air brakes and have just a normal license now. First time since the mid-’70s.

While he was studying my class 1 (class A in some parts), he said it didn’t say anything on it about manual or automatic transmission experience. I told him I was a semi driver for 20 years, but do you think that mattered? Nope. It didn’t say anywhere on my license if I was capable of using a manual shift, and he was all screwed up because of this.

Apparently in Quebec a class 1 license specifies how you’re able to change gears. Who cares about the transmission. As long as you can go frontwards and backwards. Gawddamit.

I felt like telling this person I was shifting 18 gears when he was shifting in his baby seat and he can shove his freakin paperwork up his ass. Then I’d go home, throw everything in the car, and head back west. I came very close.

But I didn’t and it’s done. Now I’m rattled, and if you don’t hear anything from me in the next days or weeks, it’s probably because I’ve dropped dead from anxiety.



18 thoughts on “Why Some People Drink”

  1. Ah, welcome to Quebec Dennis! Welcome to the land of excessive annoying bureaucratic bullshit. In no time you’ll be as miserable as many people here are.

    Wait till you try to park somewhere and see ten different signs saying ten different things and you end up getting a parking ticket because of it.

    Keep your chin up. Hockey’s coming soon.

  2. Darth is 1,000% correct. Quebec is more overrun with bureaucracy than any other place in North America (with the possible exception of my former state, New Jersey).

  3. It’s why this province is so far up it’s own ass in debt and partly why our taxes are so high. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in 1984. (Or the movie Brazil. Same-ish thing).

  4. Ya ole grump, ya coulda’ done lot of tempting things to straighten the burecrate out and ended up having to sleep in a Leaf sweater for two weeks– ALMOST worth the penalty— but I’m told it builds character.Trying to exsist in today’s Artificial Intelligence society; guess I’m developing lots of character. Hang in there till New Years Eve bro!!!!

  5. Thanks, Peter Hab. I’m going to hang in there. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. I love your term “Artificial Intelligence Society.”

  6. Ian, something’s wrong here. After spending all my life in Ontario, Alberta, and B.C., this short time in Quebec has shown me they need a major revamping.

  7. Launy, both of us have gone through some bullshit, I’m sure. It’s all about having a new adventure. Good and bad. It just seems the Quebec gov’t is on acid.

  8. It’s hard to discuss this subject without getting into a debate over Quebec politics, but suffice it to say that the bureaucracy in that province really is an overwhelming mess……

  9. Ha, Ha. You just made me laugh…not because you had such an awful day but because of your chosen language and sarcasm…now I know where I get it from 😉

  10. Hey Dennis ,Sounds like they were giving you the gears without driving anything except a wedge between you and your license. I have heard that there is a lot of crap that goes on there. Keep up pace buddy, this probably wont be the last time you run into this bullshit.

  11. Dennis, you and I have had a couple of pints with no where near the hassel you went through. I’m surprise you don’t have a class 1 hangover!!

  12. Geez Dennis really,your passport? Do they think your from a different country lol. Did the fellow he took ahead of you when you went back speak a certain language you don’t? Just wondering

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